Marc Christ
Brand Manager, Modified Mustangs & Fords
October 15, 2012

Rank: 3

Michael Stanford
'03 SVT Cobra

When Michael Stanford of Pinckney, Michigan, bought this Terminator from the first owner, it only had 700 miles on the odometer. Over the last nine years, he has slowly modified it to where it is today. Starting with pulleys, intake, and exhaust at first, he eventually graduated to a Whipple swap and drivetrain mods.

Working with the SVT-built original long-block, Michael has been able to squeeze plenty of performance out of the stock internals without having to drop a ton of money on a new engine. After all, he was on a student's budget for most of the build. With the help of Walsh Motorsports; Varsity Custom Werkz; and his girlfriend, Jillian Lemke, Michael has created a sweet streetable Terminator.

What it could do on the dyno, though, is what really mattered to us. And Michael's Termi didn't disappoint. After making only 583 rwhp on the first pull, Michael knew something was wrong. A new set of spark plugs later, Michael's 'vert laid down 597 rwhp and 552 lb-ft of torque--good enough for Third Place.

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Engine Displacement4.6L Modular
TransmissionD&D Performance T56
Power Adder2.3L Whipple
Cylinder HeadsStock
Fuel Injection SystemStock
TuneDiablosport/Walsh Motorsports
Rear Gear3.73:1 solid rear axle
TiresNitto NT05R
Max Power597 rwhp
Max Torque552 lb-ft

Rank: 2

Ford Motor Co.
'13 Shelby GT500

When Ford told us that we were going to have a new '13 Shelby GT500 to drive during our trip to the Big D, we never planned to put it in the competition. But when an opening presented itself and the car was just sitting in the parking lot, we knew it was meant to be. We never dreamed it would place Second.

When it comes to a horsepower competition, completely stock cars aren't the norm. But with a 662hp rating, the new Shelby is a real beast. We didn't even bother flashing it with a tune or anything. We strapped it to the Dynojet and let it rip. The result was 607 rwhp and 579 lb-ft of torque. We probably would have seen a few more horses if we had better weather, but over 600 rwhp out of a showroom-stock Stang is nothing to sneeze at.

The SVT team really nailed it with this new Shelby. As you read in last issue and from all sorts of other news outlets, it is quite possibly the greatest Mustang ever built--it's certainly the most powerful!

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Engine Displacement5.8L Modular
TransmissionTR 6060
Power Adder2.3L TVS (stock)
Cylinder HeadsStock
Fuel Injection SystemStock
Rear Gear3.31:1
TiresGoodyear Eagle Supercar
Max Power607 rwhp
Max Torque579 lb-ft