Pete Epple Technical Editor
July 18, 2012



Clinton Smith • '11 Mustang GT

Our only Coyote didn't look like much when it rolled in--it didn't sound like much either. Clinton Smith's black '11 GT is a daily driver that occasionally sees the track. He built it to have the fasted street car out of all his friends, and we think he did a damn good job.

When you open the hood, everything looks stock, save for the 76mm Precision turbo smugly sitting in the engine bay. Although the engine looks stock, only some of it hasn't been upgraded. The stock motor was pulled and upgraded with forged internals. The JPC Racing short-block was topped with stock heads, but the factory valvesprings have been replaced with heavier versions, and the stock camshafts were reused, along with the factory intake manifold.

On the dyno, Smith's car came out of the box swinging--it laid down 875 rwhp and 808 lb-ft on the first run. Justin Burcham of JPC Racing climbed under the car and gave the wastegate a turn or two, taking boost from 17 psi to about 19. This resulted in a second pull of 907 rwhp and 803 lb-ft. Another couple of turns on the wastegate brought the boost level to about 21, which was about as high as Burcham and Smith were willing to go. The end result was 925 rwhp and 817 lb-ft of torque, which was enough to take the top spot in the second stop of the Dyno Wars series.

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Engine Displacement5.0L (302ci Coyote)
TransmissionMT82 (Six-Speed)
Power AdderSingle 76mm Precision Turbo
Cylinder HeadsStock
Fuel Injection SystemStock
Rear Gear3.31:1
TiresMickey Thompson ET Street Radials
Max Power925 rwhp
Max Torque817 lb-ft
Max Boost21 psi