Pete Epple Technical Editor
July 18, 2012


Michael Corrin • '92 Mustang LX

There is just something impressive about a Fox-body with a massive turbo nestled under the hood. Michael Corrin has been through multiple combination to get this Fox to where it is now, and when you look in the engine bay, you know it makes big power. But before you get a glimpse under the hood, you may not believe this coupe makes just shy of 900 rwhp.

The base of this monster is a 331ci Dart-based engine with Trick Flow Specialty cylinder heads and intake manifold. The camshaft is a custom grind hydraulic roller, and it's all controlled by an Accel DFI fuel injection system. It's backed by a built AOD-e automatic transmission with a 3,200-stall converter.Corrin started his dyno time with a low-boost pull. With only 10 psi, the emerald coupe laid down 581 rwhp and 567 lb-ft of torque. After an adjustment to boost controller we started the second run. As we rolled into the throttle, the car came into boost violently--so much so that we aborted the run just after 5,000 rpm. Even though the run was ended early, the car still produced 894 rwhp and 893 lb-ft of torque with 27 psi. Corrin adjusted the boost controller one more time for the last run, which netted 866 rwhp and 858 lb-ft of torque at 24 psi.

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Engine Displacement5.4L (331ci Pushrod)
TransmissionAOD-E (Automatic)
Power AdderSingle 88mm Precision
Cylinder HeadsTrick Flow Specialties
Camshaft(s)Comp Cams – Custom Grind
Fuel Injection SystemAccel DFI
Rear Gear3.08:1
TiresMickey Thompson ET Street Radials
Max Power894 rwhp
Max Torque893 lb-ft
Max Boost27 psi


Chris Jurkowitsch • '03 SVT Cobra

Chris jurkowitsch bought his 10th Anniversary SVT Cobra with the intentions of keeping it stock. Like so many others, it soon needed to be more powerful. Basic bolt-ons soon followed, and once that wasn't enough, the project snowballed nearly out of control into a 900 rwhp Cobra with 9-second quarter-mile capabilities.

Under the hood sits a slew of go-fast goodies, all starting with a near-bulletproof 324ci Boss block modular engine built by MMR. The short-block is topped with a set of Livernois Motorsports-ported Four-Valve heads, with a set of Comp cams controlling the incoming mix of air and fuel. It's topped off with a 3.4L Whipple twin-screw supercharger making 25 psi of boost, and a 100 hp shot of giggle gas.

Jurkowitsch's Cobra was the only dual poweradder car in the event, and we looked forward to what it would lay down. The first pull was made with no nitrous, and 746 rwhp and 745 lb-ft of torque. We realized the low air pressure in the slick was probably robbing horsepower, so Jurkowitsch pumped the rear hides up from 10 to 25 psi, lowering the rolling resistance. The next run resulted in 812 rwhp and 770 lb-ft, while spinning the tires, all without nitrous. The last run was on the bottle. We gently rolled into the throttle in an effort to not spin the tires. When the rollers stopped, the screen lit up with 908 rwhp and 907 lb-ft of torque. Jurkowitsch left AmericanMuscle's facility and headed to Atco to see what these numbers translated to on track.

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Engine Displacement5.3L (324ci Modular)
TransmissionT-56 (Six-Speed)
Power Adders3.4L Whipple Twin-Screw Supercharger/100 Shot Of Nitrous
Cylinder HeadsPorted Stock
Camshaft(s)Comp Cams (0.500/0.500;230/218)
Fuel Injection SystemStock
Rear Gear3.55:1
TiresMickey Thompson ET Drag (Slicks)
Max Power908 rwhp
Max Torque907 lb-ft
Max Boost25 psi