Pete Epple Technical Editor
July 18, 2012

We all want it. We crave that rush of acceleration, we spend our hard-earned bucks to go faster. Horsepower is something motorheads have bragged about for years, and you'll find a slathering of claims on hundreds of Internet forums--you know, the keyboard jockeys who brag about how much power they make. Well, MM&FF decided to present a unique challenge, so we created the Dyno Wars--but our challenge has a twist. Yes, this is a dyno challenge, or "War" if you will, but we're not really looking for "dyno queens."

We teamed up with to present a competition for legit street cars with the ability to lay down a big dyno and track number. With that, anyone can apply to be a participant in the Dyno Wars (this being the second of four), just follow the instructions online on our website ( or at Basically, each "War" is open to street-legal Fords with any combination. After we receive information from the applicants, we pick the cars that we hope will put on the best show.

Ultimately, we look for machines that have actually turned some track numbers, or have known street cred. We've seen cars that make 1,000 rwhp and run 12s or worse--we don't want that. In fact, minutes after this War, two of the contestants drove straight to Atco Raceway (Atco, New Jersey) to actually race their Mustangs, and two others drove home over 100 miles each. In our first War, the winning Fox-body had never been on a dyno until our challenge, but had run low 9s!

Yes, Dyno Wars is a challenge to show off your horsepower, however we then get to dissect some of the sickest street and track combinations so you can learn what makes them tick. What we've revealed so far is the big power cars have a wide range of tuneability that enables them to be cranked up for that big dyno number, then tamed down for street cruising. Not surprisingly, this flexability is easy with today's hand-held tuning devises, a swipe of the keyboard, or nudge on the wastegate.

These Mustangs represent the pinnacle of power and performance. Are they for everyone--heck no, but they do show off in grand fashion what modern technology has to offer and what you can do with boost and tuning.


Dan Frayko • '09 Shelby GT500

Dan Frayko's '09 GT500 is the epitome of a fast street car--a high horsepower Snake, with serious handling prowess, and comfort to go along with it. This GT500 had all the creature comforts one could ask for, and a bunch of aesthetic upgrades, which really make it stand out.

Dan's GT500 was the first car on the dyno at AmericanMuscle. It was the first time Dan put race gas in it and loaded the more aggressive tune, which we're told had more timing than the street tune. He told us he was expecting to be in the mid-700 rwhp range. The first hit yielded 671 rwhp and 624 lb-ft of torque. Though not what he was looking for, we made one more run on this tune with the fluids up to temperature. After laying down 678 rwhp and 627 lb-ft of torque, Dan decided to swap tunes.

With the street tune in the ECU, we spun the roller and saw the highest numbers of the day--689 rwhp and 622 lb-ft or torque. We made one last run, but weren't able to make more power.

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Engine Displacement5.4L (330ci Modular)
TransmissionTR6060 (Six-Speed)
Power AdderVortech/Lysholm 3.3L Twin-Screw Supercharger
Cylinder HeadsStock
Fuel Injection SystemStock
Rear Gear3.31:1
TiresNitto NT05
Max Power689 rwhp
Max Torque622 lb-ft
Max Boost18 psi