April 30, 2012

The inaugural SLP Muscle Car Central Big 3 Shootout on Saturday, April 21, 2012 proved to be a successful event. Close to 100 show and drag cars representing new and classic Mustangs, Camaros, and Mopars competed for trophies, cash and gift certificates.

In the Big 3 Shootout, the newer brands battled it out for 6 rounds of close racing, with a Mustang vs. Camaro in the final. Michael Napp, who's wife own MM&FF project MILF (Mustang I'd Like to Flog or Mommy Is Lightning Fast) a modded '05 GT, defeated Philip Testa from nearby Spotswood, New Jersey in his '10 Camaro. A double breakout finish, with Napp running the closest to his dial-in was the deciding factor. Napp dialed a 12.41, while Testa was dialed in at 11.70. Napp had an 0.088 reaction time, Testa a 0.173 with Napp running 12.253 to Testa's 11.447.

In the winner's circle Napp thanked his wife Deedee for use of her car, their children Christopher and Jenna, MM&FF editor, Evan Smith and JDM Engineering.

The Classic Mustang vs. Camaro Shootout, a separate portion of the event, came down to two local racers in their Mustangs; Russell Allen, III, in his '91 and Michael Spina in his '90. An uncharacteristic red light by Spina gave the easy win to Allen, who thanked The Horse Gang.

Raceway Park would like to thank the generous sponsors for their creative gift certificate awards, including SLP Muscle Car Central, American Racing Headers, High Horse Performance, Manley Performance Products, East Coast Supercharging, Big Daddy's Performance, and Jesel Valvetrain Innovation.

In addition there were many websites and forums involved in helping to promote the inaugural event!

Due to the popularity, the second Big 3 Shootout will return to Raceway Park on Saturday, November 3, 2012.

Congratulations to all of our Gift Certificate winners!

  • SLP Muscle Car Central $500 Gift Certificate - Winner - Big 3 Shootout - Michael Napp
  • SLP Muscle Car Central $500 Gift Certificate - Fan - Greg Green
  • American Racing Headers $300 Gift Certificate - Winner - Big 3 Shootout - Michael Napp
  • American Racing Headers $200 Gift Certificate - Runner Up - Big 3 Shootout - Philip Testa
  • High Horse Performance $250 Gift Certificate - Quickest Late Model Mopar in Big 3 Shootout - Juan Segarra
  • East Coast Supercharging $250 or $100 Gift Certificate - Furthest Finishing Camaro in Big 3 Shootout - Philip Testa
  • Big Daddy's Performance 175 Gift Certificate - Fastest MPH in Big 3 Shootout - Louis Filippides
  • Jesel Valvetrain Innovation $250 Gift Certificate - Quickest Run in Muscle Bracket - Doug Kelly
  • SLP Muscle Car Central $50 Gift Certificate - Classic Mustang vs. Camaro Winner - Russ Allen
  • SLP Muscle Car Central $50 Gift Certificate - Muscle Bracket Winner - William Reitz