Evan J. Smith
April 25, 2012

April 24th (Plymouth, MI): ROUSH Performance will be entering its recently launched 2013 ROUSH(R) Stage 3(TM) Mustang in the "2012 Tire Rack One Lap of America" event scheduled for May 4th through 12th, 2012.

As the One Lap website states, "The Tire Rack One Lap of America event is the toughest 8 days of racing, featuring the fastest street-legal cars on America's most challenging racetracks!" The event is contested over 8 days, it includes 18 stages and 10 venues, and covers over 3,500 miles of driving through 10 states.

ROUSH Performance is pleased to announce that Evan Smith (Editor, Muscle Mustangs and Fast Fords magazine/musclemustangsfastfords.com) and his co-driver Jeff Lacina (Owner, Track Guys Performance Driving Events) will be piloting the 2013 ROUSH Stage 3 Mustang during this year's event.

"Evan and Jeff are both accomplished drivers who know their way around a Mustang, and how to push a performance vehicle to its limits out on the track," exclaims Jack Roush, Jr. "I've been to the track with Evan before and know that he is an excellent racer in his own right. We're excited to have them experience our 2013 ROUSH Stage 3 Mustang's power, handling and comfort while representing ROUSH Performance over the course of this marathon event."

"I can't think of a better, more comprehensive vehicle endurance test than the Tire Rack One Lap event," says ROUSH Performance #61 driver Jack Roush, Jr. "Pushing the vehicle through the One Lap skid pads, drag races, road courses, and the thousands of road driving miles in between the tracks can add up to tremendous forces being put on the car and driver. I thoroughly enjoyed competing in the 2011 Tire Rack One Lap event, along with my co-driver Bill Johnson. It's a grueling racing event, for sure."

The ROUSH Performance engineering team has packed impressive horsepower, styling and handling performance into the redefined 2013 ROUSH Stage 3 Mustang. The ROUSHcharged(TM) 5.0L engine now produces a whopping 565HP and 505 ft/lbs of Torque. The all-new ROUSH Stage 3 graphics and body kit presents a menacing stance and appearance. And, the ROUSH race-inspired suspension puts the power to the pavement while on the track or street.

"The 2013 ROUSH Stage 3 Mustang competing in this year's Tire Race One Lap event is the exact vehicle that can be optioned out and ordered through a ROUSH Authorized Ford Dealer," says Tim Wheeler, VP Sales and Marketing for ROUSH Performance. "No additional power-adders, calibrations or racing modifications are part of this One Lap package. We think the 2013 ROUSH Stage 3 Mustang - right from the Dealer -- can compete extremely well under these tough track conditions, and then provide a comfortable ride to the next track event 300 miles away".

About One Lap of America
The Tire Rack One Lap of America (www.onelapofamerica.com) presented by Grassroots Motorsports is a motorsports contest run exclusively on private, closed courses. The 2012 event will run from May 4th through May 12th, 2012. The 8 day event will have 18 stages conducted at 10 venues and traveling over 3,500 miles. The legendary Brock Yates created the infamous Cannonball Sea-To-Shining-Sea Memorial Trophy in the 1970's. The current edition is headed by Brock Yates, Jr. and the 2012 event will be the 29th annual running of the event.

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