Pete Epple Technical Editor
March 16, 2012
Photos By: Evan J. Smith, Marc Christ

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Justin Starkey • '07 GT500

Ford fans know any GT500 is capable of making huge power. These Mustangs have pushed the limits of what we once considered big street power to new levels, and the numbers get really big once the stock supercharger is ditched for a larger displacement, more efficient blower.

Justin Starkey is the owner of VMP Tuning, and also the brains behind the new upgraded TVS superchargers VMP sells. Justin's 14,000-mile GT500 showed up sporting one of his superchargers. We already knew what it was capable of—we covered the installation of the cams and were there for all the dyno testing.

The low-mile 5.4L has been upgraded with a set of Comp Cams Stage 2 cams, and a VMP TVS 2300 supercharger. Dynatech headers sit where the stock tubes once were, and the exhaust is completed with a Dynatech X-style mid-pipe and stock mufflers. All of the tuning has been done by Justin using SCT software.

Justin drove his GT500 115 miles to our facility, and after allowing his Stang to cool off, it was ready to go. In fact, he chose to make only two pulls and use the rest of his 30 minutes to let the car cool. The first run netted him 733 rwhp and 732 lb-ft of torque. While the engine was cooling, Justin made a few small timing changes in the tune based on the data logs and the air/fuel reading. In the closing minutes of his allotted time, the GT500 laid down 742 rwhp and 735 lb-ft taking the Fourth spot.

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Justin Starkey • '07 GT500
Engine Displacement 330 ci (Four-Valve)
Transmission TR-6060
Power Adder VMP TVS2300 Supercharger
Cylinder Heads Stock
Camshaft(s) Comp Cams Stage 2
Fuel Injection System Stock EFI
Rear Gear 3.31:1
Tires M&H Racemasters Drag Radials
Max Power 742 rwhp
Max Torque 735 lb-ft
Max Boost 21.48 psi