March 2, 2012

Pro Outlaw 10.5
NMRA's all-out, 6-second, 200-mph class showcases the ultimate level of Ford speed and power. With 2,500-plus horsepower from a combination of available power adders and a 10.5W tire, these land rockets always put on an exciting show.

2011 Pro Outlaw 10.5 Champion – Mike Murillo

Blow-By-Racing EFI Renegade
Electronic fuel injection combined with nitrous oxide injection or a supercharger and a small tire is a recipe for great racing. These mid-8-seconds Mustangs make up Blow-By Racing EFI Renegade. With a cubic-inch limit of 410, automatic transmission, and a single power adder, racers are given weight breaks based on their combination to keep the playing field even.

2011 Blow-By Racing EFI Renegade Champion – Brian Mitchell

Afco Drag Radial
Huge power, DOT-legal radials, and no wheelie bars make for exciting, unpredictable racing no matter where you go. These '79-newer Mustang and Fox-chassis Fords run DOT-legal radial tires from Mickey Thompson, Hoosier, and Goodyear, with a wide selection of power adders to choose from in the name of big power. If you're looking for wheels-up, mid-7-second street tire action, then Afco Drag Radial is for you.

2011 Afco Drag Radial Champion – Jason Lee

ProCharger Super Street Outlaw
The 10.5-inch-tire freak show that is ProCharger Super Street Outlaw is one of the most popular classes in the NMRA. Teams use '64-newer Mustang or Fox chassis-based vehicles with the most technologically advance power adders available today to make upwards of 2,000 hp. Forced induction and nitrous cars go head to head on true 10.5-inch slicks with quarter-mile times in the low 7-second zone at 200 mph. Big horsepower and small tires always make for an exciting show.

2011 ProCharger Super Street Outlaw Champion – John Urist

Edelbrock Hot Street
The sound of naturally aspirated small-block Fords spinning to over 10,000 rpm will certainly grab your attention. Restricted to 302-, 351-, and 4.6/5.4L-based engines limited to 480 ci in '55-newer Ford vehicles, Edelbrock Hot Street showcases the talent of some of the best engine builders and drivers in the country. Don't miss the high-revving excitement!

2011 Edelbrock Hot Street Champion – Robbie Blankenship

Factory Stock
Designed as beginner class for heads-up racers, Factory Stock is an affordable way to be part of the action. Drivers can run '79-newer Mustangs and Fords with a 302- and 4.6L-based bullet no larger than 313 ci. The naturally aspirated class runs heads up with a 0.400 pro Tree on an NHRA Sportsman ladder. With high-10-second performance at an affordable cost, Factory Stock is a great way to get into heads-up racing.

2011 Factory Stock Champion – Carlos Sobrino