Mmfp 111019 01 Mmff Horsepower Wars The Series Announcement
Pete Epple Technical Editor
October 19, 2011

Who's got the most powerful street-legal Mustang in the land? We're going to find out! First battle - 12/05/2011

The rules are simple--"run whatcha brung, and hope you brung enough!" Competitors will be given a 30-minute window to make as many pulls and as much power as possible. In that time, the dyno is yours.

  • Cars must be street-legal - Registered, insured (no temp or dealer tags)
  • All cars will be subject to a visual safety inspection
  • Cars must have full exhaust with tailpipes (for dyno exhaust system)
  • Cars must have a driveshaft safety loop
  • All tires must be ZR rated or competition tires
  • Any and all combination of power adders allowed

The event will be held at MM&FF Command Central in Tampa, Florida in our dyno facility using our Dynojet 224XLC chassis dyno.

Please send all applications to Please include name, address, info on car and combination, and a few low-res pictures. Deadline for applications is 10/28/11.

Future Battles:

  • Shop vs. Shop
  • Forum vs. Forum
  • Modular vs. Pushrod