Pete Epple Technical Editor
January 24, 2011
Photos By: Team MM&FF

Sean Kelley

Virginia Beach, Virginia

10.76 @ 123 MPH

Sean Kelley is a Virginia Beach native who owns and operates Kelley Performance (Virginia Beach, Virginia). Kelley picked up his 2011 GT in Miami in June and hasn't changed very much. The engine is completely stock aside from the JLT Performance cold-air intake and the 150hp Zex nitrous oxide system. Not only is Kelley's engine stock, the automatic transmission is untouched also. The rearend gears have been swapped for 4.10s, and the suspension is in factory trim with the exception of the front and rear sway bars, which have been removed.

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The car serves as Kelley's daily transportation, and we were very surprised at how quickly and consistently it ran.

Kelley came out swinging. His first passes scored him two 10.91-second e.t.'s at 120 and 122 mph respectively. As he began to get a hold on the E-town starting line, Kelley was able to drop his e.t. to 10.87 at 122 mph, followed by a 10.92 at 122 mph. Kelley really got after it on his fifth run-a 10.76 at 123 mph, his best run of the day. The simple yet driveable combination impressed us-we think Kelley Performance has built a great street/strip 2011 Mustang GT.

"I drive the car everyday and was running in the 10s on the third trip to the track," Kelley tells us. "I have driven it three hours one way to the track with the air on and cruise control set. It's a full-weight car that runs 10s. That's not bad in my book!"

Terry "Beefcake" Reeves

Amelia, Ohio

10.86 @ 129 MPH

Terry Reeves is a huge Ford enthusiast. Over the past 10 years, he has owned everything from a '99 Cobra to an '01 Lightning to a '10 Mustang GT. After just three months, Reeves traded his '10 in for the Kona Blue '11 seen here. When he caught wind of our shootout, he quickly got on the list and made the trip from Ohio to Englishtown. Reeves, more affectionately know as Beefcake, is no stranger to MM&FF shootouts. He took to the track with MM&FF in 2002 for our Lightning Shootout.

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The stock '11 motor was upgraded with forced induction from a Vortech T-trim centrifugal supercharger feeding 8.75 psi of boost to the hungry Four-Valve. The kit was installed by Finish Line Performance in Milford, Ohio, and tuned by Jon Lund at Evolution Performance. With the help of full Stainless Works exhaust, Reeves' GT laid down a healthy 529 rwhp and 444 lb-ft of torque on Evolution's Mustang dyno.

Once Reeves heated the Mickey Thompson ET Streets, the car went into limp mode, resulting in a first pass of 31.95 at 32.70 mph. Once back in the pits, Lund retuned the Copperhead processor. The changes to the computer kept the car out of limp mode and the result was a 10.86 at 121 mph, which would stand as Reeves' best run of the day. In the next two sessions, Reeves pumped out nearly identical 10.89-second passes, both at 129 mph.

"I love coming to the track and racing with this many heavy-hitters from the Mustang world," Reeves tells us. "It's nice to be grouped with this caliber of people!"