Pete Epple Technical Editor
January 24, 2011
Photos By: Team MM&FF

Joe Marini

Clinton, Maryland

11.37 @ 120 MPH

Joe Marini is a faithful JPC Racing customer, and when Marini decided to pick up his 2011 GT, the JPC crew jumped at the chance to have a second car in the shootout. JPC prepared the car by dropping a few unwanted pounds. A Kirky race seat resides where the factory bucket once sat, and the passenger seat and rear seat were removed. Marini's GT checked in at only 3,250 pounds with the driver on board. The engine was enhanced with a JLT Performance carbon-fiber cold-air intake and a custom tune using DiabloSport software. Kook's headers and midpipe replace the stock pipes; a Bassani after-cat system completes the exhaust.

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The six-speed manual's stock clutch was pulled in favor of a twin-disc set up from McLeod, and a one-piece drive was installed to replace the factory two-piece unit. The suspension was fortified with parts from Eibach, Strange Engineering, Metco, and JPC Racing. The rearend's internals were ripped out to make room for the Strange spool, 33-spline axles, and 4.88 gears.

Driving duties were split between Marini and Justin Burcham; the duo started with an 11.70-second pass in the first session, followed by a slower 12.15 at 116 mph. After heating the Mickey Thompson slicks, Burcham ripped off an 11.76 at 117 mph, but he knew the car could go quicker. After a clean, hard launch, Burcham rowed through the gears, which resulted in an e.t. of 11.37 at just under 120 mph.

Adam Browne

Baltimore, Maryland

11.45 @ 120 MPH

One of the greatest benefits to a shoot-out like this is the exposure to many different combinations. Adam Browne is the owner of Revolution Automotive, and he took a different approach for our shootout. When Browne built his 2011, the short-block remained stock, but the TiVCT Four-Valve heads received some work.

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AHM Performance in Rosedale, Maryland, smoothed the intake ports and opened the exhaust ports before a five-angle valve job finished them off. The engine is fed by a JLT Performance cold-air intake. American Racing Headers 1 7/8-inch headers let the 5.0-liter breath easy, and Flowmaster mufflers give the car that classic Mustang growl. Browne handled the tuning with the help of SCT software, which allowed it to make 435 rwhp and 395 lb-ft of torque.

A McLeod clutch connects the engine to the stock six-speed manual transmission. QA1 coil-overs sit where the stock struts once were, and QA1 adjustable shocks sit out back. Browne removed three-quarters of a coil from the stock rear spring to adjust the ride height, and UPR Products upper and lower control arms keep the rearend in line.

"When I race, I kill it!" Browne tells us. "I launch the car around 6,000 rpm, and powershift every gear around 7,200." His technique paid off as he quickly followed his first pass of 11.57 at 120 mph with his quickest and fastest of the day, tripping the beams at 11.45 seconds at 120 mph. Browne made six more passes down the 1,320. An 11.55 was the closest he came to his best run, but consistent mid-11.50s were the norm for Browne's N/A 2011.

Joseph Jones

Woodbine, Maryland

11.67 @ 117 MPH

Joseph Jones (JJ) of Woodbine, Maryland is the President of Woodbine Motor Sports (WMS). Although WMS may be more known for the Lightning trucks it builds, JJ picked up his 2011 Mustang GT to show just how easy it is to make an incredible daily driver with little more than simple bolt-on performance parts and quality tuning.

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"We feel the majority of 2011 Mustang GT owners will do simple modifications," JJ explains. "We provide our customers with the parts they want and great service to go with it. We plan on road racing and drag racing our car while keeping it very streetable and reliable," JJ adds.

The short list of mods on JJ's 2011 starts with a cold-air intake system from JLT Performance. The stock headers and midpipe have been left in place; an after-cat exhaust system from Pypes replaced the stock mufflers. Metco upper and lower control arms sit where the stock links once were, and a BMR Fabrication adjustable Panhard bar and support bracket keep the rearend inline under the car.

Coming into the shootout, JJ's personal best in his 2011 was an 11.90 at 114 mph. His first pass of the day saw his best e.t. drop to an 11.77 at 114 mph. The next two passes brought even better results as JJ laid down an 11.75, followed by an 11.69, at 114 and 115 mph respectively.