January 14, 2011

Muscle Mustang and Fast Fords magazine is pleased to announce its latest shootout--The Gear Banger's Brawl. The concept is simple--get in your late-model Mustang or Ford, bang some gears, and try to be the quickest down the 1,320!

The shootout is open to any-and-all '79-newer Mustang or Ford, and will take place at Gainesville Raceway in March 2011. All vehicles must be Ford-powered and have a factory-style five- or six-speed transmission. All transmissions must use the H-style shift pattern (no inline or V-gate-style shifters allowed). Any clutch and aftermarket short-throw shifters allowed. Transmission may not be pro-shifted, or be of the face-plate engagement type, also no clutchless, or semi-clutchless transmissions allowed. All cars must be registered and insured, as well as NHRA-legal for e.t. and mph. All cars participating in this MM&FF shootout must have full exhaust with mufflers.

If you think you have what it takes to the best stick driver in the country, send a few detailed photos along with information about you and your ride to Peter.epple@sorc.com. Be sure to list any/all drag racing experience and best elapsed time for the vehicle you plan to enter.

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