Pete Epple Technical Editor
February 1, 2010
Photos By: Michael Galimi

After some tech inspection issues at the Columbus race, the NMRA and MM&FF officials cracked down on a few minor rule infractions that were getting out of hand, such as non-complete interiors and tires that were a little "too" wide. This resulted in a number of cars being disqualified from competition. With the class lined up, the massive parade of fast Fords set out on the 30-mile cruise. The perfect weather made for an incredible trip through the Kentucky countryside, and many locals marveled at the thunder from all that Blue Oval horsepower. From the interstate to the back roads, the cruise tested the capabilities everyone's iron.

When the stampede of True Street machines returned to Bowling Green, drivers prepared for back-to-back-to-back passes. With the track prepped and the engines cooled, the drivers went for it and produced the fastest True Street class of the year. Allen Hurley of Bristol, Tennessee, took the top spot in his '88 Mustang with an average of 8.55 seconds. Michael Newton of Chatsworth, Georgia, also driving an '88 Mustang, took the runner-up spot with an 8.88-second average. Tim Casto of Mason, West Virginia, True Street winner from the Milan event, won the 9-second class with a 9.02 average to round out the top three.

The action was so good that MM&FF and the NMRA announced they will record the quickest average in Tremec True Street and award an official national record in 2010. So with the 2010 NMRA season growing close, take the time to make sure your True Street car is ready to rock. Bradenton isn't far away, and the Spring Break Shootout is again going to be action packed. And be sure your car fits within the guidelines set in the NMRA rulebook. In 2010, vehicles that do not fit the rules will not be allowed to compete.

As with every NMRA event, the car show is a huge attraction for contestants and fans. There was a ton to see at BG on both Saturday and Sunday. A wide variety of late-model and classic Fords packed the fields, giving fans an incredible opportunity to see some of the most amazing cars Kentucky and the surrounding area has to offer, and deals were flying on all those parts in the swap meet.

Although the event was officially held at Beech Bend Raceway, Mustang fever spread throughout the city of Bowling Green. Everywhere you turned, Mustangs and Mustang fanatics were not far away. Restaurant parking lots became car shows and club meets, and as a Mustang enthusiast, you really felt the energy and a sense of community.

The NMRA point season may be over, but there is no end to the fun you can have with your muscle Mustang or fast Ford. We would like to thank all of the fans, racers, True Street participants, sponsors, and companies that have supported what we love in 2009. We would also like to give a very special thank you to the NMRA for giving us a place to do it! See you in 2010.

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