Michael Galimi
December 1, 2009

It's called the Super Bowl of Street-Legal Drag Racing and pits the best of the best in heads-up drag racing competition. Many know it as the NMRA against the NMCA, and there are huge bragging rights at stake.

This year marks the fourth time the Pro Media gang (promoters of both the NMCA and NMRA) has held this party at Route 66 Raceway in Joliet, Illinois. Once again Nitto Tires was onboard to back this prestigious event, providing its coveted Diamond Tree ring and bonus money for the shootout champions.

The format is simple-each organization competes separately with qualifying and eliminations over three days. On Sunday, after each racing class crowns an event winner, the NMRA/NMCA officials pair each class with the corresponding one in the other organization. Obviously the rules and performances are different, so the racers run off an index using their best run in competition. The heads-up classes don't have to worry about a breakout.

This year, officials decided to award the rings to the organization with the most wins in the 12-pair match race. The bad news is that Team NMRA lost-Team NMCA won its first Super Bowl of Street-Legal Drag Racing. The final tally was eight wins for the NMCA versus the NMRA's four. In years past, the team challenge was close. The NMRA usually squeaks out the win with the last pairing.

Despite Team NMRA losing the Super Bowl challenge in 2009, the event is a must-see-fans get two events for the price of one with over 500 cars in competition, and a massive car show and manufacturer's midway.

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