Pete Epple Technical Editor
October 1, 2009

The auto industry in this country and abroad faces serious financial hardship-that is no secret-but thankfully Mustang and Ford events are as popular as ever. To gather an in-depth look at the situation, MM&FF went to the heart of the matter, Detroit, Michigan (well, actually Milan, Michigan), for the sixth annual Aeromotive NMRA Ford Nationals, which includes the popular Tremec/MM&FF True Street challenge.

Anyone who has ever attended an NMRA race can attest to the massive amount of excitement surrounding each event, whether it's on the racetrack, in the show area, or on the manufacturers midway, and the 2009 Milan race was no exception. This, the third stop on the NMRA tour, brought out all of the usual suspects in the heads-up race classes, and the festivities started Friday with time shots for racers to get a handle on the strip.

Serving as the "home race" for the fine folks at Ford Racing Performance Parts, the FRPP crew rolled into Milan with a slew of new Mustangs for the fans to check out and for the third annual Editor's Invitational Challenge. Over the course of the two-day event, staff members from major automotive publications squared off in the Ford Racing Invitational. Car assignments were chosen at random, and once the drivers became familiar with their rides, it was time to hit the track.

When the event came to a close, MM&FF's own Senior Tech Editor, Steve Baur, piloted a modded 2010 Mustang GT, to the Top Eliminator spot, defeating Doug Glad from Car Craft in the finals.

Aaron Yates of Warren, Michigan, entered his slick Sonic Blue and silver '85 GT in the car show. We love the great color combo.

As the weather heated up on Saturday, so did the excitement on the racetrack. The always-popular Tremec True Street class took to the open road on the customary 30-mile cruise through the Michigan back roads before making the back-to-back-to-back passes that would decide the winners. After some cool-down time, and with the passes complete, the times were averaged and the winners were decided. Tim Casto of Mason, West Virginia, left hard with the wheels in the air as his nitrous-fed '95 GT rocketed down the strip, winning the class with a 9.15-second average.

The Turbonetics Pro Outlaw 10.5 win was captured by San Antonio, Texas' Mike Murillo, who tore up the track with a 6.80-second pass at over 220 mph to take out Jim Monson of Brighton, Michigan, in the final. The ProCharger Super Street Outlaw final was a repeat of the finals at Bradenton as Don Burton pulled up to the line against defending SSO champion John Urist. This time Urist proved victorious as tire spin would end Burton's day. Urist drove past him to take the win with a 7.48 at 194 mph

Off the track, the car-show area gave fans a look at some of the most impressive muscle Mustangs and fast Fords the Detroit area had to offer. Custom paint, big power, and gorgeous classics were all there offering a taste of everything to whoever was lucky enough to walk the show field.

The great Michigan weather, incredible side-by-side racing, and a fantastic car show is a great way to spend a weekend. The NMRA staff does a phenomenal job, and if you haven't been to a an NMRA race, it's time to find out what you've been missing.

True Street Results
No.NameHome TownModelPass 1Pass 2Pass 3AverageWin Status
507Tim CastoMason, WV'95 {{{Mustang}}}9.1019.1659.1929.153Winner
1Steve PosenauAmelia, VA'02 Mustang9.89210.0319.8189.914Runner-Up
34Paul MoodySyerling Hts, MI'92 Mustang9.9899.99310.12110.03410-Second Winner
24Justin BurchamGlen Bernie, MD'05 Mustang9.1679.43411.66410.088
8Tim FlandersBattle Creek, MI'86 Mustang10.24110.22310.22010.228
30Tom GillikinGrasslik, MI'89 Mustang10.24110.31310.30310.286
19Josh OttingErie, MI'86 Mustang10.68710.61710.69110.665
35Lance PacanaStockbridge, MI'06 Mustang10.79110.78910.71910.766
22Mike SearsJackson, MI'07 Mustang10.79210.99911.26211.01811-Second Winner
39Jason FurqueronConcord, MI'93 Mustang11.56412.00812.22711.933
18Keith KalrtenbachToledo, OH'03 Mustang11.73811.61212.54611.965
36Steve Cuatt JrHudson, IN'86 Mustang11.96512.09012.16512.07312-Second Winner
17Scott DronkersMiddleville, MI'93 Mustang12.47912.40912.45212.447
32David GabetCromwell, IN'07 Mustang12.{{{960}}}13.20412.61312.926
3John AllenButler, PA'05 Mustang12.84212.98713.04712.959
6Andrea WoolardParkersburg, WV'91 Mustang12.97513.07213.09313.04713-Second Winner
42Bob KalterballToledo, OH'04 Cobra12.88312.70913.78213.125
20Alex ShullGreenville, MI'00 Mustang13.01213.52912.98113.174
12Mark MeredithPainsville, OH'03 Mustang13.27713.18213.13213.197
9George DockeryWarsaw, IN'04 Mustang13.53312.92313.24213.233
40Brett AersonNewport, MI'89 Mustang13.19213.49413.46413.383
26Matt BeltPalos Hills, IL'98 Mustang13.80513.66412.90913.459
38Brian LichlyterNorth Webster, IN'08 {{{Mountaineer}}}13.32413.{{{944}}}13.62513.631
25Bryce PauleElmore, OH'03 Cobra12.45312.54116.07913.691
31Joseph NowakowskiAuburn Hills, MI'08 Mustang13.52513.63614.43313.865
33Nathan ShewmanAkron, IN'91 Mustang13.19914.11414.48413.932
29Kevin McCotterClio, MI'{{{90}}} Mustang16.56513.58412.48814.21214-Second Winner
10Joe GeghardLivonia, MI'06 Mustang13.66313.57515.84014.359
14Aaron SiekSylvania, OH'87 Mustang14.73614.49014.45914.562
4George KellerNew Carlisle, IN'08 MustangDNF
5Kurt RobinsonLynchburg, OH'93 Mustang11.47611.799DNF
7Jim HartyBay Village, OH'03 Cobra13.{{{405}}}DNF
13Alex HaysCanton, MI'92 MustangDNF
16Bobbie HargetRockwood, MI'90 Mustang15.07714.980DNF
21Ryan SochockiCanton, MI'89 MustangDNF
23David PennellGrand Ledge, MI'04 MustangDNF
28Brick SpurjoAmbler, PA'94 Mustang16.625DNF
37Wendy SchultzCommerce, MI'06 Mustang12.82612.614DNF
41Andy BoguszewskiBerkley, MI'86 Mustang10.19210.956DNF