Frank H. Cicerale
April 1, 2009
Photos By: Michael Galimi

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Gregory Kordis
Boxford, MA
'08 Shelby GT500

It has been a while since we had to break out the cleaning equipment for a mess on the track at a shootout. Unfortunately for Gregory Kordis, he was the one to make us whip out the brooms. Kordis only made one run, and it was an expensive one at that. He left the line, and as the Shelby blasted down track, everything seemed just fine. That was until he hit high gear. All of a sudden, the motor laid down, started breaking up, and a plume of death smoke emanated from underneath the car. The result? A broken rod that did a fair amount of damage to the engine as well as the oil pan. "When the engine builder put the motor together, he said that we should change the factory rods with this power level," Kordis explains later. "I told him if it gets through October, then great. If not, we will replace it with a built aluminum piece. I guess I can get the aluminum engine now." While he only made one pass, with the engine eating itself up in the lights, the 10.65 at 121 certainly indicates this Shelby would have made a stab for the 9-second zone if it stayed together.

Year: 2008
Model: GT500
Owner: Gregory Kordis
Driver: Gregory Kordis
Engine: 330ci Four-Valve modular
Transmission: Stock six-speed manual
Clutch/Converter: Stock
Supercharger: 3.4L Whipple twin-screw
Boost: 21 psi
Weight: Not measured
Exhaust: 17/8-inch Kooks Custom
  headers with Kooks 3-inch off
road cross-pipe, MagnaFlow
3-inch axle-back, and
Dynomax Bullet Mufflers
Tuner: Livernois Motorsports
Rear: {{{Ford}}} 8.8-inch, 3.31 gears,
  stock differential, stock axles
Best e.t./mph: 10.656/125.00
Run 60-foot E.T. MPH
1 1.887 10.656 121.18