Frank H. Cicerale
April 1, 2009
Photos By: Michael Galimi

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Brian Kimmel
Brambleton, VA
'99 Lightning

Brian Kimmel showed up with his '99 Lightning, and the Whipple-blown monster held its own quite well. Unlike the two JLP-prepared trucks, Kimmel's Lightning showcased the stock engine measurements. In addition, Kimmel's hauler was quite consistent, as its two best runs were within .003-second of each other. After opening with a 10.46, JDM's Shaun Lacko and Kimmel dumped some weight and changed the upper blower pulley for some more power. Once done, the truck flew to a pair of 10.31s. Oh, and in case you're wondering, even without the passenger seat and the ballast, the truck still weighed in at a hefty 4,690 pounds, making it the heaviest vehicle in the shootout. Imagine what the truck could have run if it was 1,000 pounds lighter? Mind bending, isn't it?

Year: 1999
Model: Lightning
Owner: Brian Kimmel
Driver: Brian Kimmel
Engine: 330ci Two-Valve modular built
  by JDM Engineering
Transmission: Brian’s {{{Truck}}} Shop 4R100
Clutch/Converter: Precision Industries
Supercharger: 3.4L Whipple twin-screw
Boost: 24 psi
Weight: 4,690 pounds
Exhaust: 1¾-inch Kook’s/JDM
  long-tube headers, Magnaflow
  mufflers, 3-inch exhaust
Tuner: Jim D’Amore
  (JDM Engineering)
Rear: {{{Ford}}} 9.75-inch, 3.73 gears,
  stock differential, stock axles
Best e.t./mph: 10.315/137.84
Run 60-foot E.T. MPH
1 1.484 10.315 131.84
2 1.492 10.318 131.82
3 1.523 10.414 130.77