Frank H. Cicerale
September 1, 2008
Photos By: Michael Galimi

2nd Place
Mark Franzin
Mars, PA
Mark Franzin's GT500 was one of the pair in the Outlaw class showcasing a Kenne Bell blower, and he used it, along with some help from Evolution Performance, to nab the runner-up spot in the category. Mark's car also sported a rearend conversion, as a Moser 9-inch resides out back. Having previously ripped off a best lap of 10.40 seconds at 132 mph, Mark came loaded for bear. After taking it easy on his first lap, Mark got after it on his second and third runs, recording a 10.14 and a 10.16, both with trap speeds well into the high-134-mph zone.

"I bought the car for the horsepower," Mark says. "As for time and money invested, are you kidding me? Most of my time and lots more money are what made this car go as quick as it did."

Shelby Specs
Owner:Mark Franzin
Hometown: Mars, PA
Driver: Mark Franzin
Weight w/Driver: 3,934 lbs
Engine: Stock
Built/Tuned By: Evolution Performance
Exhaust: Evolution Performance
Heads: Stock
Camshafts: Stock
Intake: Kenne Bell
Forced Induction: Kenne Bell 2.8H supercharger
Throttle Body: 160mm monoblade
Boost Amount: 21 psi
Computer System: Stock with Evolution Performance tune
Ignition: Stock
Shifter: Stock
Transmission: RSG Tranzilla 6060 six-speed manual
Clutch: Ram dual-disc high horsepower
Rear Gears: 4.11
Best E.T./MPH to Date: 10.140/139.33
Log Book