Frank H. Cicerale
September 1, 2008
Photos By: Michael Galimi

4th Place
Jeff Schmell
Jackson, MI
To say that Jeff Schmell did all he could with his '08 GT500 would be an understatement. Every time he took a stab at the fabled Raceway Park quarter-mile, the rear tires would shake like an NHRA nitro car whenever the 1-2 gear change was made. "The Detroit Locker I have in the car's 8.8 rear kept locking and unlocking during the 1-2 shift," Jeff says. "The car would leave clean, but shake real bad when I banged Second gear." We have to give Jeff props, as he flat-out beat on the Shelby nonetheless. Even when the shake was so bad on one run that it opened the fuel door, he never lifted and never relented.

Jeff opened with an 11.23, and after a slowing 11.92 for his second run, he stayed in the high 11.20- to low 11.30-second range for the rest of the day-until his last run, that is. Determined to break out of the 11.20's, Jeff left hard, missing his best 60-foot time of the day by .001. He then slammed the gears to a stout 11.10 at 125 mph. We can only imagine how quick he could have gone had the car not rattled the tires.

Shelby Specs
Owner:Jeff Schmell
Hometown: Jackson, MI
Driver: Jeff Schmell
Year: ’08
Weight w/Driver: 3,958 lbs
Engine: Stock
Built/Tuned By: Paul’s High Performance
Exhaust: JBA 3-inch exhaust and after-cat, stock exhaust manifolds
Heads: Stock
Camshafts: Stock
Intake: Stock
Throttle Body: Stock
Boost Amount: 14 psi
Computer System: Stock w/Paul’s High Performance tune
Ignition: Stock
Shifter: Stock
Transmission: Stock six-speed manual
Clutch: Spec
Rear Gears: 3.70
Best E.T./MPH to Date: 11.060/127.50
Log Book