Frank H. Cicerale
September 1, 2008
Photos By: Michael Galimi

5th Place
Henry Attenborough
Danielsville, PA
When we concluded the GT500 shootout, we almost had to call the cops and have Henry Attenborough arrested for murder, as he just about beat his Shelby to death. In a section of the Mustang community where it seems as if most owners forgo the addition of a rollbar in an effort to keep the permanent modifications to a minimum, not only did Henry slap in the required safety equipment, but he also slapped his Pony's rearend in an effort to show everyone just what his car could do.

Henry's best runs were his first two hits at the track, as he ripped through the top-end cones with an 11.13 and an 11.15. With trap speeds tickling into the 122-mph zone, he knew the car had more in it, and the speed mark shows it, as he spent the rest of the day in the mid-124-mph zone and even ripped off a 125-mph shot. Surely some of it had to do with the short times, as the latter part of the day saw him unable to duplicate the 1.67 60-foot time he ripped off on his first run. Nonetheless, his 11.13 best wasn't far off the times recorded by the top four, showing everyone just how far the stock blower can be pushed in terms of elapsed time and speed, though Henry has gone as quick as a 10.76.

Shelby Specs
Owner:Henry Attenborough
Hometown: Danielsville, PA
Driver: Henry Attenborough
Year: ’08
Weight w/Driver: 4,034 lbs
Engine: Stock
Built/Tuned By: Evolution Performance
Exhaust: Stock manifolds, off-road x pipe system, {{{Ford}}} Racing Performance Parts axle-back system
Heads: Stock
Camshafts: Stock
Throttle Body: Stock
Boost Amount: 14 psi
Computer System: Stock w/Evolution Performance tune
Ignition: Stock
Shifter: Stock
Transmission: Stock six-speed manual
Clutch: Stock
Rear Gears: 3.31
Best E.T./MPH to Date: 10.761/129.{{{80}}}
Log Book