Michael Galimi
March 28, 2008
Photos By: Team MM&FF, Courtesy of SEMA
Here's but a glimpse of the show floor at SEMA. Over two million square feet of Las Vegas is covered with the latest car parts from OEMs and specialty-part manufacturers. The show is divided into 11 segments that include Performance and Racing, Wheels and Tires, and Hot Rod Alley. More than 100,000 people attend this massive industry, gathering from as far as Australia, China, and other distant countries.

Las Vegas--home of the $5 lobster, no-limit gambling, and anything else you're willing to pay for. The MM&FF staffers loaded a Boeing 737 jet and headed west in search of the latest speed parts and trends at the '07 SEMA (Specialty Equipment Market Association) show. It was a week spent shooting machine guns, going all-in at high-stakes poker tournaments, and attending VIP parties. When we weren't living like a trio of party animals, we found time to walk the 23 miles of SEMA show exhibitors, digging up the latest and greatest stuff for 2008.

The SEMA event is an annual industry show where manufacturers set up displays to show off their product to dealers, speed shops, and the media. The event takes place in Las Vegas and spans four days. The show boasts more than two million square feet of exhibitor space that has been split into 11 sections. Attendance numbers in the 100,000 range, drawing an international crowd. This year, more than 1,500 new products were unveiled at the show. They weren't all Mustang parts, but we dug through the mix of components and pieces to find what fits our beloved ponycars.