Michael Galimi
February 1, 2008
Contributers: Frank H. Cicerale Photos By: MM&FF Italian Connection

3rd Place
Joe Marini
Clinton, Maryland
'05 Mustang GT
When we saw Joe Marini pull his Legend Lime '05 GT off the trailer, we had images of Project MILF floating through our heads. If only our former project car had gone as quick and fast as his S197.

To be honest, Joe's Mustang was a silent killer, as its turbocharged stroker engine purred like a kitten at idle while whispering efficiently when under full boost. The Stang lived most of the day in the mid- to low-10 second zone before turning up the wick and ripping off an astounding (and quiet) 9.99-second pass. The ultimate kicker was that, minus the car's track shoes, it passed the street-racer inspection.

Owner: Joe Marini
Hometown: Clinton, MD
Driver: Joe Marini
Year: '05
Weight w/Driver: 3,540 lbs
Engine: Rich Groh Racing 302ci
Built/Tuned By: Rich Groh Racing/
JPC Racing
Power Adder: Hellion Power Systems
76mm turbo pushing
22 lbs of boost
Heads: Stock
Camshafts: Comp Cams
Transmission: TCI Turbo-400 three-speed
Best E.T./MPH: 9.991/136.66
Run # 60-ft ET MPH
1 1.440 9.991 136.30
2 1.466 10.107 134.24
3 1.514 10.110 134.50

4th Place
Brad Albert
Bethel Park, Pennsylvania
'05 Mustang GT
Brad Albert's '05 Mustang GT was one of the three turbocharged entries in the shootout. Although Brad made only two passes, he was right up there with everyone else, ripping off a pair of mid- to low-10-second laps.

His silver S197 used the 22 pounds of boost from the Powerhouse turbo to open up things, with a best run of the day, a 10.24. Of interest was that the powerplant in Brad's Mustang saw only a slight overbore of the cylinders to bring displacement up to 283 ci from the standard 281 stock figure. Either way, this mighty little poked mod motor held its own against all of those strokers.

Owner: Brad Albert
Hometown: Bethel Park, PA
Driver: Brad Albert
Year: '05
Weight w/Driver: 3,670 lbs
Engine: {{{Fox}}} Lake 283 ci
Built/Tuned By: Fox Lake/Powerhouse
Power Adder: Powerhouse 70mm
turbo pushing 22 lbs
of boost
Heads: Fox Lake
Camshafts: Stock
Transmission: Performance Automatic
4R70W four-speed
Best E.T./MPH: 10.245/133.54
Run # 60-ft ET MPH
1 1.508 10.245 133.54
2 1.516 10.466 131.46