Steve Baur
Former Editor, Modified Mustangs & Fords
January 1, 2008

Mustang Ownership can be rewarding, but one of the coolest parts has to be sharing your enthusiasm with other Mustang owners. If you've never been to one of the numerous Ford races that are held throughout the year, you owe it to yourself to check one out. This year's 29th Annual Nitto Tire NMRA Ford Expo at National Trail Raceway in Columbus, Ohio, was a hot one and is consistently one of the best to attend, as it offers a plethora of both late-model and vintage Ford iron.

The Columbus meet is the sixth stop on the NMRA Keystone Automotive championship tour, and it offers something for every Ford owner to enjoy. Drag racing is the largest part of the show, and the NMRA offers both heads-up and bracket style classes. In addition to the heads-up, index, and bracket categories, the Columbus stop plays host to the annual Y-Block shootout-this year being its 12th season-as well as the annual Ford Capri Swarm, which is put on by the Capri Club of North America. Yes, that's the Ford Capri, not the Mercury version. If you haven't seen one before, this is the event to go to.

Our beloved MM&FF True Street class offered up 55 cars in Columbus. Only 51 were able to hack it and make the road trip as well as all three back-to-back runs. In the end, it was high-nine-second performances that took the big trophy, the crown, and the cash. It was also a four-cylinder Mustang that showed the V-8 cars how it was done. You can read more about that later on in the story.

While there was plenty of racing to watch, the Laurel Mountain Mustang All-Ford Auto Show & Shine filled the grounds with more than 200 cars, while the swap meet offered parts for late-model cars and vintage rides as well.

Be sure to check out the photos and captions to see who the winners were, along with all of the other fun that was to be had at the '07 Nitto Tire NMRA Ford Expo.

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Hedman HeDders true Street Presented by MM&FF Top 25
 NameHome TownRun 1Run 2Run 3Avg.Notes
1.Jon HuberSt Louis, MO 9.442 9.82810.431 9.{{{900}}}Winner
2.Tim CastoMason, WV 9.86010.138 9.826 9.941Runner-up
3.Stephen PosenauAmelia VA 9.97610.24810.05010.09110 Sec
4.Josh ShortBaltimore, OH10.60810.64910.76910.675 
5.Neal AlderOrient, OH10.73610.72410.71210.724 
6.Brad AlbertBethel Park, PA10.74210.86911.09110.901 
7.Matt Stanford{{{Plymouth}}}, MI10.82910.85111.10310.{{{928}}} 
8.Will CarrollFair View Park, OH10.{{{944}}}10.{{{940}}}11.24311.04211 Sec
9.Eric McNuttSulphur Springs, OH11.06211.11911.17811.120 
10.Jeremy HedlundLima, OH10.88611.54211.24811.225 
11.Shane SherwoodClarksville, OH11.17811.{{{164}}}11.57911.307 
12.Cody WilliamsGreenwood, IN11.13211.17511.85511.387 
13.Eddie EdwardsAshville, OH11.31111.66211.20511.393 
14.Kathy PowellMilford, OH11.52811.35411.41911.434 
15.Paul DappenbrookBeaver, PA11.16011.44911.72711.445 
16.Randy SoperGranger, IN11.94311.99312.15612.03112 Sec
17.Jonathan InsleyMarietta, OH12.06712.13211.95712.052 
18Mike CharlesGrove City, OH12.11511.{{{924}}}12.48512.175 
19.Rick TerryVandalia, OH12.16612.18812.24812.201 
20.Mark ShankColumbus, OH12.72812.35612.74112.608 
21.Jason CartwrightGroveport, OH12.{{{600}}}12.69113.09512.795 
22.Jackie FlandersZeeland, MI12.83312.90713.45413.06513 Sec
23.Brian DelongLancaster, OH13.19413.30513.51113.337 
24.Tony Castillo Jr.Brunswick, OH14.32512.94112.95313.406 
25.Jim HartyBay Village, OH13.77213.86212.90113.512 
 Mike ReedBlacklick, OH13.70514.10614.30314.03814 Sec
Roseann PowellLouisville, OH15.10415.17715.10215.12815 Sec

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