Frank H. Cicerale
October 1, 2007

It's guaranteed to happen. You come home from college on a summer or winter break and you run into people you knew in high school. Usually, they're people you really don't care to see, but you still make idle chat before moving on. Thankfully, that wasn't the case at Atco Raceway on June 2, as the southern New Jersey track hosted a reunion of its own-the Stormin' Norman Reunion.

There were classes for anyone with a Mustang or Ford-powered vehicle (even for Corvettes and Vipers, too, although none showed). Classes ranged from the top-tier Pro 5.0 down to the bracket-racing contingent. While racing was the main event, the coming together of old-school racers from way back in the day made the bench-racing session in the pits a trip. Guys like Gene Deputy, Big Daddy Dwayne Gutridge, Mike Ragusa, Lee Rutter, Mike Matarazzo, Bernie Golick, Jim D'Amore, and others were hamming it up in between quarter-mile jaunts. Shivers went up our spines when Brian Wolfe pulled out his historic red hatchback to make a few hits as well.

When the racing was over, those who came enjoyed telling old stories, throwing wise-cracks, and having a good time catching up with old friends. That's what a reunion is all about.