Michael Galimi
October 1, 2007
Photos By: Galimi, Smitty

The First-Annual Ford Racing Invitational trophy went to a fellow Primedia employee, John Gallagher, the publisher of Car Craft and a former drag racer. Gallagher wheeled a 14-second F-150 and beat out a Road & Track staffer for the trophy.

Smitty fell victim to the 500hp/radial tire/stick-shift combination as he broke out in Round 1. The car had been running 12.50s for two days, but Smitty pushed it a bit in eliminations and went 12.36.

I was fortunate enough to have made it to the final four cars before losing on a -0.008-second red light. Special thanks goes to FRPP for two days of fun.

MM&FF/Hedman Hedders True Street Results
Overall Winner: Chris Escobar 9.72 Average
Runner-Up: Stephen Posenau 10.15 Average
11-second Winner Kathy Powell 11.27 Average
12-second Winner Darrin Matousek 12.37 Average
13-second Winner Anthony Elmes 13.07 Average
14-second Winner Lyndon Greeley 14.09 Average
15-second Winner Joseph Nowakowski 15.05 Average