Frank H. Cicerale
June 26, 2007

5th Place
Ken Pimental
Carver, MA
'04 Mach 1

Ken Pimental had the only automatic transmission-equipped car at the shootout, and after solving traction issues, he got it into the low-12-second range to end up in Fifth Place. The Competition Orange Mach 1 was by far the brightest car of the bunch, and it utilized a ProCharger P1SC centrifugal blower tuned by Dez Racing to enhance the power level of the stock Four-Valve. Except for the blower and normal exhaust system changes, Ken's Mach 1 was pretty much left factory-fresh. He has owned the car since new and cruised to Raceway Park to let it all hang out. After spinning the tires through most of Second gear early on, he swapped on a spare set of gummy shoes. The result was a better run through the middle, culminating with increasingly lower elapsed times. Overall, Ken's car performed with bracket-like consistency throughout the day.

Weigh In
Owner:Ken Pimental
Hometown:Carver, MA
Driver:Ken Pimental
Car:'04 Mach 1
Weight w/Driver:3,694 lbs
Built/Tuned By:Dez Racing
Power Adder:ProCharger P1SC pushing 9 lbs of boost
Best ET/MPH:12.098/117.9969
Log Book
Run No.60-FtETMPH

6th Place
Jamie Robinson
Moultrie, GA
'01 Cobra

Jamie Robinson's Cobra was the only pure naturally aspirated car in the lot. With only bolt-ons such as a Bassani exhaust system, a JLT cold-air kit, a custom dyno tune, and 4.30 gears, Jamie showed what a mostly stock Cobra could do with a great driver, as he clearly had the launch and powershifting technique down pat. By great, we mean phenomenal, as he made the stock five-speed stick sound like an automatic going down track. With the mild bolt-on work and a swap to sticky rear drag radials and front skinnies, Jamie got the Cobra into the mid-12-second zone. As with Eric Schaefer's Cobra, Jamie kept the IRS and wowed us with a 1.680-second 60-foot time. Of course, he-and we-have to thank his wife, Ellen, for letting him come out and play with the boys.

Weigh In
Owner:Jamie Robinson
Hometown:Moultrie, GA
Driver:Jamie Robinson
Car:'01 Cobra
Weight w/Driver:3,550 lbs
Built/Tuned By:Runnin' With the Devil
Power Adder:None
Best ET/MPH:12.450/109.33
Log Book
Run No.60-FtETMPH