Michael Galimi
June 1, 2007
Photos By: Steve Baur, John Moore
This Mustang was right at home at the Performance Racing Industry show. It features a Ford engine with giant turbos from Turbonetics, runs on alcohol, and makes in excess of 2,000 hp. We found it in the Electromotive EFI booth.

Racers live to race-that's a fact, and when each season ends, they gear up and make plans for the coming season. Many think about a new class they'll run or a new engine combination or camshaft they'd like to try. With that, many hit the busy convention season during the fall and early winter months.

Most of our readers have heard of the SEMA show in Las Vegas. At SEMA, the industry rolls out the most tricked-out rides and pretty ladies to attract showgoers. The show is awesome, and we love it. Then there's the Performance Racing Industry (PRI) Show the following month, held in Orlando, Florida. While PRI doesn't have the glamour or glitz of SEMA, it's quickly becoming the best place to see the latest and greatest speed parts for Mustangs. At PRI, you'll find a hard-core mix of racing and performance parts, some from companies you may have never heard of.

The MM&FF staff was in full force at the '06 PRI show to check out the hot new parts on display. We were hit with all kinds of goodies, from new piston designs to Two-Valve intake manifolds. We cruised the 1,000,000-square-foot facility and checked out 1,400 companies to see what they had to offer the Mustang community.

It's a great pleasure to report that once again the Mustang aftermarket dominated the new-product offerings. Check out the next few pages to see the hottest parts and the coolest cars that filled the scenery at the '06 PRI show.