Michael Galimi
March 1, 2007
Nighttime qualifying brought excellent weather conditions and the newly paved track surface provided serious grip. Record runs were made in many classes, but the performance everyone will remember for years to come is the insane Super Street Outlaw qualifying. Three racers jumped into the 7.40 zone-No. 1, John Urist (7.46/192); No. 2, Don Burton (7.47/190); and No. 3, Mike Trimandilis (7.49/190). Phil Hines narrowly missed the club with an oh-so-close 7.50/190 mph qualifying run.

A day at the dragstrip means something different to every racer. For beginners, it could be finding success in his/her first powershift. Meanwhile, others are there to hang with friends and put some laps on their Mustang or Ford. Finally, there are those who race for the pure thrill of competition and speed.

At the NMRA Nitto World Finals, held at Beech Bend Raceway in Bowling Green, Kentucky, a day at the races meant a season of chasing points was coming to a close-and championships were on the line. For the NMRA regulars, doing well at the finals would cap off a season quite nicely. It wasn't all about the championship points races, though, as locals and regulars mixed it up for three days of fun on and off the dragstrip.

The NMRA ran its usual program of nine heads-up categories, which has classes for everything from mid-6-second Pro 5.0 machines to 12-second Factory Stockers. Heads-up racing is first to the finish line-no breakout racing-but there's also index-style and bracket racing. The NMRA offers three open comp-style categories and three bracket racing eliminators.

Off the strip at the NMRA World Finals was the crowded Laurel Mountain Mustang All-Ford Car Show and a manufacturer's midway that was packed with plenty of parts for your show machine or your project back home in the garage. The central location of Beech Bend Raceway makes it an ideal facility to host the final NMRA get-together of the year. Now all we can do is kick back and get ready for all the hot action in 2007. We'll see you there.