Frank H. Cicerale
August 10, 2007
Photos By: Michael Galimi

6th Place
Mike Redden
South Plainfield, NJ
'00 Ford Lightning
Except for the block, Mike Redden's truck is a carbon copy of the Lightning driven by Don Justus. Using the stock iron Ford 5.4 block, Redden got Jim D'Amore from JDM Engineering to put some power behind the truck's punch.

D'Amore bolted on a set of JDM heads, camshafts, an exhaust system, and a fuel system. He then topped off the 330ci Triton with a Whipple 2.3 blower pushing 18 pounds of boost, and added a nitrous-oxide wet kit that provides an extra 75 hp. Redden's goal is to break into the nine-second zone with the Lightning. Once he dials in the suspension, that should be a reality.

We're from central New Jersey, so we can attest that this machine is driven often on the mean streets, though we doubt you'll see it in much street-race action. Nevertheless, you can find Redden at RP and Atco regularly. During our shootout, his truck got up on the slicks, hiked the front up, but broke traction, thus preventing him from reaching the potential of the 700-plus horsepower he had on tap. With some tuning, this should not be a problem

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Owner Mike Redden
Hometown South Plainfield, NJ
Driver Mike Redden
Year 2000
Weight w/Driver 4,640 lbs
Engine 330ci modular
Built By JDM Engineering
Power Adder Nitrous oxide, 75hp shot
Blower Whipple 2.3 with JDM pulley system
Heads JDM Engineering
Camshaft JDM-spec Crower
Exhaust JDM/Kooks headers, JDM exhaust
Best E.T./MPH 10.41/130.83
Log Book
Run # 60-FT E.T. MPH
1 1.51 10.414 130.81
2 1.54 10.504 130.83
3 1.61 10.615 129.29