Frank H. Cicerale
August 10, 2007
Photos By: Michael Galimi

1st Place
David London
Browns Mill, NJ
'00 Ford Lightning
David London made only two passes down the track, but he really made them count. London first ripped off a 10.12, 135-mph pass that could have been quicker had the truck not laid down at the top of the 1-2 gear change.

He then came back and opened up a serious can of whoop-ass when he recorded a 1.44-second 60-foot time and lit the scoreboards to the tune of a 9.99 at 136. According to the Lightning experts on the grounds and our records, this was the first time a Lightning with a completely stock suspension (stock steering box and all) broke past the 10s.

London did this, mind you, with a 335 Johnny Lightning Performance engine that, according to the team, lifted the head gasket slightly, which caused some coolant to make its way onto the inner fenderwell and hood of the truck.

London's giddy-up comes from the JLP-tuned mod motor. The Ford mill features JLP heads, a JLP tune, and a 150hp shot of direct-port nitrous (which they were dialing in) that added to the boost generously provided by the Kenne Bell blower. Johnny Lightning stated the direct-port nitrous was far more efficient than spraying through the blower, and that attributed to the added power to get the truck in the nines.

{{{Truck}}} Talk
Owner David London
Hometown Browns Mill, NJ
Driver David London
Year 2000
Weight w/Driver 4,436 lbs
Engine 335ci modular
Built By Johnny Lightning Performance
Power Adder Nitrous oxide, 150hp shot
Blower Kenne Bell
Heads Johnny Lightning Performance
Camshaft Johnny Lightning Performance
Exhaust Johnny Lightning Performance
Best E.T./MPH 9.992/136.40 mph
Log Book
Run # 60-FT E.T. MPH
1 1.50 10.127 135.05
2 1.44 9.992 136.40