Frank H. Cicerale
August 10, 2007
Photos By: Michael Galimi

7th Place
Joseph Jones
Woodbine, MD
'99 Ford Lightning
Joseph Jones rolled into Raceway Park with a customer's Lightning and ended up in Seventh Place overall. While he wasn't the quickest or the fastest, Jones was the most consistent as there was only a spread of around two tenths of a second between his quickest and slowest runs. Jones' shop, Woodbine Motorsports, specializes in engine/blower Lightning combinations, which meant his efforts were without the aid of juice.

Jones certainly did a great job representing the non-nitrous contingent at the shootout, ripping off mid-10-second times with ease. His truck was fashioned in bright red and had a nasty stance, with its nose down low and the rear at a slight rake.

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Owner Nuo Gomez
Hometown Woodbine, MD
Driver Joseph Jones
Year 1999
Weight w/Driver 4,370 lbs
Engine 330ci modular
Built By Woodbine Motorsports
Power Adder None
Blower Whipple
Heads Woodbine Motorsports Wicked Stage 4
Camshaft Woodbine Motorsports Stage 4
Exhaust Dynatek headers, Woodbine Motorsports exhaust
Best E.T./MPH 10.60/127.53

Run # 60-FT E.T. MPH
1 1.50 10.603 127.53
2 1.48 10.627 126.72
3 1.53 10.702 127.38