Frank H. Cicerale
August 10, 2007
Photos By: Michael Galimi

8th Place
Rich Penno
Howell, NJ
'95 Ford Lightning
Rich Penno owns the other Gen I Lightning that came to the shootout, and like the rest of the tough trucks there, it also featured a supercharger.

Unlike the rest which had Roots-style blowers, Penno went down the centrifugal path. After punching the Windsor motor 0.030 inch over, he linked up a Novi 2000 huffer and a ProCharger three-core intercooler that puffs in 22 pounds of boost. Unfortunately, Penno had a difficult time getting the truck to hook on the starting line, as he spun hard every run, but the combination he has developed is sure to be a winner when the tires bite. Penno wants to get the truck into the mid-10-second zone using only the blower, but first he'll need to make the suspension work.

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Owner Rich Penno
Hometown Howell, NJ
Driver Rich Penno
Year 1995
Weight w/Driver 4,472 lbs
Engine 357ci Windsor
Built By Alternative Car Care
Power Adder None
Blower Novi 2000
Heads Edelbrock
Camshaft Cam Motion
Exhaust JDM Engineering
Best E.T./MPH 11.63/116.33
Log Book
Run # 60-FT E.T. MPH
1 1.72 11.636 116.33
2 1.77 11.835 116.14
3 1.83 12.001 110.61