Frank H. Cicerale
December 1, 2006

JDM Engineering Tough Truck saw the Lightning of Don Justus once again take home the cash. Justus overcame final-round opponent Rogbert Chuhran's 0.026 light with a 10.77 pass to get to the stripe first without breaking out. The Ford Racing Ultra Stang win went to Jim D'Amore of JDM Engineering who was driving a 10-second Stang. D'Amore had a relatively easy win when SD Wheeler pulled the trigger too soon and red-lighted by a mere six thousandths of a second. The win put D'Amore in striking distance to Wheeler who leads the points by a slim margin. The Accufab Four-Six Frenzy trophy made its way into the hands of Josh Wells, who, like D'Amore in Ultra Stang, had an uncontested pass into the winner's circle when final-round opponent Scott Baumgartner fouled out.

With the season now at the halfway mark, the points chases are getting interesting as new winners emerge and those at the top try to stay there. This second half should be interesting!


Bill Klein 8.804 Winner/ Top 8 Sec.
Greg LaPoint 8.974 Runner-Up
Marty Merillet 9.160 Top 9 Sec
Matt Parker 10.031 Top 10 Sec
Dan Richards 10.712
Gary Basinger 10.816
Neal Alder 10.826
Ben Beard 10.965
Mike Biggs 11.157 Top 11 Sec.
Kurt Brenner 11.163
George Chaboudy 11.171
Kathy Powell 11.192
Brian Marton 11.221
Jeff Edwards 11.459
Paul Dappenbrook 11.566
Billy Foreman 11.568
Derek Bellotti 11.608
Mike Collins 11.701
Kevin Box 11.731
Rick Mettie 11.789
Robert Dappenbrook 11.948
Vince Lemmon 12.082 Top 12 Sec.
Tom Rericha 12.117
Tony Nguyen 12.122