Steve Baur
Former Editor, Modified Mustangs & Fords
July 26, 2006
Photos By: Michael Galimi, Scott Parker

1st Place
'96 Mercury Cougar
Steve Dugan, Hedgesville, WV

The lone V-8-powered entry in this shootout provided stout low-13-second elapsed times on motor alone and low-12s with the squeeze. Owner Steve Dugan was shooting for the 11.9-12.0 range, but fell short when the nitrous bottle heater stopped working. Further carnage occurred on the last run when the spider gears in the differential ejected themselves from the carrier.

Purchased new from the dealer, Steve's Cougar ran high-13s on its stock engine. With Jerry Wroblewski of SCT tuning the EEC-V and help from Mike Siska, Mike Napier of J-M Motorsports, Scott Hoffman of Scott's Speed Shop, and James Rumsey Auto Tech, Steve hopes to be in the 11s by the end of the summer.

Owner:Steve Dugan
Hometown:Hedgesville, WV
Driver:Steve Dugan
Year/Model:’96 Mercury Cougar
Weight w/Driver:3,692 lbs
Engine: 281ci V-8, Two-Valve
Built By: Ford
Power Adder:Zex Dry Nitrous oxide
Maximum Boost/ Nitrous Qty.:125 hp
Intake Manifold:Bullitt cast aluminum
Cylinder Head(s):Stock PI
Compression Ratio: 9.9:1
Camshaft(s):Stock PI
Ignition: Stock
Exhaust: JBA Shorty headers, custom 2.5-in dual to 3-in single with dual 2.5-in tailpipes, Flowmaster one-chamber mufflers
Transmission:4R70W automatic
Converter/Clutch:Precision Industries Stallion, 9.5 in
Rear Type:Lincoln Mark VIII 8.8
IRS: 4.30:1 ring-and- pinion
Wheels: 15x4.5 stock steel spares front, stock Mercury Cougar rear 15x6.5
Tires F/R: Goodyear 28x4.5x15 front, Mickey Thompson ET Drag 28x9x15 rear
Suspension Front:Stock
Suspension Rear:Lincoln Mark VIII aluminum control arms, differential and sway bar, stock springs, polyurethane differential and end-link bushings bushings, custom subframe connectors, individually adjustable airbags, Bilstein IRS Cobra shocks
Best ET/MPH:12.2 / 109.5 mph

Run #60-FT1/4-MileMPH
31.62 13.06101.41