Paul Rosner
September 14, 2006

Baytown, Texas, is nestled nearly 40 miles inland of Galveston Island. The island has been a favorite cruising spot of the locals for nearly a century, or at least as long as motorized vehicles have been around to run the famous sea wall highway. Bored with just cruisin' the water-washed freeway, the pavement pounders found refuge in Baytown, where they could let it all hang out at the state-of-the-art Houston Raceway Park.

The racetrack is located only 10 feet above sea level, which can lead to conditions every drag racer dreams about. Generally, the closer a racetrack is located to sea level, the better chances are for a lower altitude number, hence big horsepower and lower e.t.'s.

The final qualifying session on Saturday night hosted those cool, lower altitude conditions that are conducive of record-breaking performances. Big numbers were put up, and this led to a highly anticipated round of eliminations on Sunday. The shot heard 'round the world on this night was the side-by-side qualifier between Tim Lynch and Conrad Scarry. When all was said and done, Scarry squeezed past Lynch in the quickest 10.5W Ford pairing ever, 6.90 at 207 mph for Scarry, 6.95 at 209 mph for Lynch. Lynch would get his revenge in the finals on Sunday, however, reversing the order of victory.