Bob McClurg
August 1, 2006

Enthusiasm for the new '05-'06 Mustang apparently knows no bounds. At the 21st annual running, we ran across a group of avocado Mustang owners who call themselves the "Green Car Registry." They can be contacted at

Also on display in the infield were two of Ford's most exciting specialty cars, the '06 Ford GT and the '07 Shelby GT500.

By way of general housekeeping, Fabulous Fords Forever annually honors a Ford milestone vehicle (or in this case, two) at each event. This year marked 85 years of Lincoln as well as the 40th anniversary of the Ford Bronco. Predictably, pristine examples of both nameplates were on display in the Knott's infield.

At day's end, everyone gathered at the sound stage where Ford Western Region Public Affairs Director John Clinard and Fab Ford's Forever event chairperson Sandy Badgett announced the big winners of the only three awards the show has to offer.

The winner of the Johnna Pepper Award was Northridge, California's Helen and Bruce Hutchinson for their '56 Lincoln Mk II. Winner of the George Watts Memorial Trophy was Rancho Santa Margarita's Tom Pluso with a '55 Thunderbird, and the winner of the Bill Stroppe Memorial Trophy was Saratoga, California's Andrew Norton with his 100-percent-original '71 Bill Stroppe Bronco.

Although the Fabulous Fords Forever Knott's Berry Farm event distinguishes itself as being attended by enthusiasts primarily from California, Arizona, Nevada, Washington, and Oregon, every once in a while we run across a car with a license plate on it from some exotic, faraway place. Such was the case at the 21st running. Over in the Shelby camp, we found Miki and Kei Iinuma's Continuation Series 289 Cobra, which was flown all the way from Honolulu. We think that qualifies the Iinumas for the unofficial Fab Ford's Forever "Long Distance Award." What do you think?