July 1, 2006

This year's Hooters party set records for the amount of carnage and general mayhem that was witnessed. We counted three shredded tires and one blown transmission, and the glowing rotor shot belonged to a Cobra that snapped three wheel studs. We had two Ford GTs and diesel trucks burning rubber, and enough smoke to set off the fire alarm inside the building for a couple of hours straight.

The party was definitely outside anyway. This led to an all-time record amount of rubber deposited in the parking lot (our contribution to the upcoming repaving), and us trying the patience of the ever-so-gracious and enthusiastic management and wait staff of the Hooters of Waterford Lakes. Thanks, guys. The MM&FF Mayhem Express already has its first stop of 2007 booked.

Another thank you goes to Joe Giaimo, owner of Pro-5.0 (pro50.com), who not only sponsored the MM&FF Spring Break Shootout class at the Fun Ford opener, but contributed some 500 commemorative T-shirts that were given away at the Hooters party.