Steve Baur
Former Editor, Modified Mustangs & Fords
January 22, 2006
Photos By: Paul Rosner

Mustang racers and spectators packed a newly revamped Bristol Dragway with the hope of seeing spectacular racing action go down, but the racing was cut short on Sunday when the rain clouds came and sent everyone home early without satisfying their speed addiction. Saturday, however, was action-packed, as the racers had to make up the Fun Ford Richmond race later in the evening.

Saturday usually belongs to the Muscle Mustangs & Fast Fords True Street contingent, and 2005 was no different with a massive amount of hot street cars ready to contest the 1,320 feet of asphalt. It was also special because True Streeters, as part of the required 30-mile cruise, got to lap the half-mile oval of Bristol Motor Speedway. Despite the need to go straight fast, most contestants we talked to had a blast driving around the banked circle track, and if all goes as planned, it just may happen again next year.

With so many True Street cars, it was well into the evening before we saw the elimination rounds for the Richmond race, but racing under the lights was worth the wait. In addition to giving the True Street racers a, well, true street vibe, the night also allowed spectators to see the fireworks that happened beneath the turbocharged Outlaw and Pro race cars.

The Richmond makeup race helped swell the classes to constitute one of the largest heads-up fields this year. There were 12 Pro rides, 12 Outlaw cars, 7 contesting Drag Radial, 8 filling out the Street Renegade ranks, 7 Street Bandit Mustangs, 8 Street Warrior machines, and 10 ponies in Street Stang.

Mod Motor saw 36 competitors with Steve Angel's newly turbocharged, Four-Valve '05 Mustang on top, while Tough Truck had 15 racers and Open Comp featured 23 tough contestants. There were even 8 cars in the Focus Frenzy.

Unfortunately, you'll have to wait until our Fun Ford Kansas coverage to find out who the big Bristol winners were. But you'll find all the good dirt here in the pages of MM&FF. In the meantime, we bring you the Richmond winners, True Street results, and Bristol qualifying.

New rides

Fun Ford Richmond Showdown Class Results

Mr. Gasket Pro

  • (W) Ben Hopko, 6.841 at 210.64
  • (L) Burt Kelkboom, 6.898 at 207.78

ProCharger Street Outlaw

  • (W) Billy Glidden, 7.571 at 187.91
  • (L) John Ullman, 10.760 at 85.48

BFGoodrich Drag Radial

  • (W) Phillip Clemmons, 8.137 at 174.17
  • (L) Mike King, 8.390 at 172.08

Borla Street Renegade

  • (W) Ronnie Wilson, 8.074 at 168.56
  • (L) Chris Lazzaro, 9.496 at 142.82

Edelbrock Street Bandit

  • (W) Matt Jones, 8.787 at 159.48
  • (L) Charlie Booze (Jr.?), 10.821 at 87.85

Blow-By Racing Street Warrior

  • (W) Jeremy Martorella, 9.560 at 134.23
  • (L) Darrell Peterson, 9.862 at 122.62

SCT Street Stang

  • (W) Tony Whetstone, 13.127 at 90.71
  • (L) Greg Creamer (red light)

Steeda/Hyland Mod Motor

  • (W) Robert Hindman, 11.702 at 110.20 (11.71 DI)
  • (L) Bill Lemay, 12.923 at 93.41 (12.32 DI)

JDM Tough Truck

  • (W) Dusty Olinger, 11.702 at 110.20 (11.71 DI)
  • (L) Lacey Gassaway, 12.264 at 105.55 (12.32 DI)

JBA Headers Focus Frenzy

  • (W) Bob Potter, 17.635 at 71.36 (17.54 DI)
  • (L) Adam Perfater, 16.246 at 80.04 (16.00 DI)

Ford Racing Open Comp

  • (W) John Brady, 10.893 at 120.94 (10.83 DI)
  • (L) Terry Gates, 10.767 at 120.32 (10.73 DI)

Mmfp_0601_16z Ford_Mustang On_The_Strip0
John Brady of McMinnville, Tennessee, drove his '79 Mustang to a win over Terry Gates in the Ford Racing Open Comp Richmond final.
Mmfp_0601_17z Ford_Pickup On_The_Strip
The second quickest qualifier in Bristol, Dusty Olinger drove his '65 pickup to the win in the Richmond final round makeup of JDM Tough Truck. Jim D'Amore (pictured) was quickest on Saturday in Bristol with an 11.70 performance.
Mmfp_0601_18z Ford_Mustang On_The_Strip0
North Lauderdale, Florida's Ronnie Wilson sailed past Chris Lazzaro in the Richmond Fun Ford final and qualified Second for the Bristol race.
Mmfp_0601_19z Ford_Mustang On_The_Strip0
Minnesota's Dan Schonek has had his '04 Mustang set on kill for all of 2005, handing out 7-second passes like $1 bills from a gentlemen's-club money roll. Thunder Valley spectators witnessed another generous gift as he laid down a 7.92 to qualify number one.

Fun Ford Bristol Qualifying Results

Mr. Gasket Pro
Chuck Samuel 6.446 221.60
John Gullett 6.557 217.56
Ben Hopko 6.580 212.36
Mike Herring 6.641 212.16
Burt Kelkboom 6.725 209.52
Chuck Simons 6.738 211.63
Dan Saitz 6.740 211.53
Doug Mangrum 6.756 211.56
Frank Snellings 6.778 207.50
Jerry Bridgforth 6.802 197.28
John Mihovetz 6.820 201.49
Chuck Miner 7.220 187.44

ProCharger Street Outlaw
Joel Greathouse 7.134 200.83
Billy Glidden 7.217 188.73
Jared Brunner 7.284 195.03
Gary Rohe 7.343 192.69
Shannon Renfro 7.399 191.81
Stan Allen 7.415 183.07
Cale Aronson 7.501 192.69
Chip Havemann 7.565 191.05
John Ullman 7.571 187.91
Paul Holman Sr. 8.145 171.25
Brian Keller 8.446 166.39
Tony Watkins 11.642 82.84

Borla Street Renegade
Dan Schoneck 7.923 180.84
Ronnie Wilson 8.074 168.56
Jimmy Black 8.230 166.19
Greg Yasika 8.582 160.50
James Black 8.7782 134.38
Chris Lazzaro 9.496 142.84
Scott Pennington 10.103 132.33
Tommy Smith 31.99 0.0

Edelbrock Street Bandit
Matt Jones 8.786 158.00
Steve Lee 8.857 154.09
Charlie Booze 8.884 152.42
Dan Bott II 9.105 156.41
Shelley Smith 9.674 140.27
Greg Beauford 9.870 132.13
Kevin Toothman 31.99 0.0

Mmfp_0601_20z Ford_Mustang On_The_Strip0
While Florida's Adam Louramore has been the one to beat in the BFGoodrich Drag Radial ranks, Phil Clemmons of Sandstone, Virginia, has come on strong in the last half of the season. Clemmons made quick work of Mike King to win the Richmond race, and he qualified number one for Bristol with an 8.19 effort.
Mmfp_0601_21z Ford_Mustang On_The_Strip
Back in the Street Outlaw saddle, Chip Havemann of San Antonio, Texas, qualified with a personal best of 7.56 seconds. We'll be expecting more from this mean machine as Havemann is still fine-tuning the twin-turbo powerplant.
Got fuel?
A little Urist Racing birdie told Chip Havemann that two injectors per cylinder would solve his lean condition at high rpm. So far it has worked, as the Mustang gets faster with every pass.
Mmfp_0601_27z Ford_Mustang On_The_Strip0
Alburtis, Pennsylvania's Ben Hopko took his twin-turbocharged Probe to the Fun Ford Richmond makeup Victory Circle. It was a tight final round against Aruba native Burt Kelkboom, who ran a 6.89 to Hopko's 6.84 pass.

BFGoodrich Drag Radial
Phillip Clemmons 8.191 174.19
Mike King 8.326 171.99
Mauro Vitale 8.433 165.90
Dave Fasel 8.533 156.90
Adam Louramore 8.665 160.86
Jim Travers 9.361 147.92
Steve Seidel 9.500 123.72

Blow-By Racing Street Warrior
Jeremy Martorella 9.517 142.09
Darrell Peterson 9.706 138.40
John Scaro 9.810 135.81
Rob Mollet 9.884 135.20
Donald Campbell 10.641 127.88
Kenny Gallman 11.748 114.20
Joel Lehr 11.989 111.69
Trei Sorrow 22.653 53.57

SCT Street Stang
Ray Williams 12.547 107.77
Mark Anderson 12.572 114.13
Tom Conrad 12.593 104.71
Jason Creamer 12.609 107.59
Greg Creamer 12.693 106.87
Tony Whetstone 12.780 106.81
Darrell Lucas 12.823 107.04
Nick Lucas 12.942 87.57
Bonnie Dworak 13.564 102.99
Craig Shepard 14.367 95.55

Ford Racing Parts Open Comp
Jon Pickering 9.20 129.50
Doug Boswell 9.40 143.76
Kenny Thomas 9.59 141.80
Greg Cole 10.15 123.54
Mac Sibley 10.23 129.93

Steeda/Hyland Mod Motor Top 5
Steve Angell 9.647 150.01
Sean Kelley 10.20 138.22
James Fitzgerald 10.75 128.21
Barry Bunch 10.98 120.70
EL Smith 11.23 118.31

JDM Tough Truck Top 5
Jim D'Amore 11.70 93.50
Dusty Olinger 11.81 99.21
Robert Chuhran 12.13 111.49
Don Justus 12.31 108.93
Lacey Gassaway 12.42 106.73

Mmfp_0601_28z Ford_Mustang On_The_Strip0
The Marsh Motorsports team put its turbocharged Mustang on the top shelf of its stacker trailer to run the team's new RV Lending Group-sponsored Escort. The nitrous-sniffing, 814ci-powered sport compact charged to the top of the Mr. Gasket Pro qualifying ladder with a 6.44 at 221 mph.
Mmfp_0601_29z Ford_Mustang On_The_Strip0
Donnie Nance took home the car show MM&FF Editor's Choice award for his mint '93 Cobra. The 306-equipped, Vortech YSI-supercharged stallion puts down 725 hp to the wheels and runs 5.90s in the eighth-mile. Nicole Shomaker of Sugar Grove, North Carolina, got the MM&FF Early-Model Editor's Choice Award for her 427 '67 Fairlane.
This guy had quite the spread of Pony parts, and right now couldn't be a better time to get your cheap Fox Mustang restoration pieces, as the cars are quickly disappearing from junkyards.
Mmfp_0601_31z Ford_Mustang Towing
Saturday in Bristol was hot and sunny, but come Sunday, racers dodged rain-filled clouds until the event was postponed to the Fun Ford Kansas event. Here we go again!
As you can tell, Dizzy was upset she didn't get to see eliminations on Sunday. We know how she feels.
Mmfp_0601_33z Ford_Mustang On_The_Strip
The cool thing about makeup events is the night racing. Bristol had some great action under the lights, and with the stout qualifying performances there, we're sure to see some great action in the land of Dorothy and Toto. See you there.

JBA Headers Focus Frenzy Top 5
Brandey Burd 14.94 90.38
Mark Adkins 15.70 84.90
Adam Perfater 15.93 85.26
Bob Potter 17.56 77.61
Justin Gibson 17.78 75.76