Steve Baur
Former Editor, Modified Mustangs & Fords
November 22, 2005
Photos By: Keith Keplinger


Mr. Gasket Pro

  • (W) John Gullett, 6.475 at 220.56
  • (L) Chuck Samuel, 6.499 at 219.86

ProCharger Street Outlaw

  • (W) Billy Glidden, 7.066 at 196.53
  • (L) Dan Millen, 7.486 at 163.45

BFGoodrich Drag Radial

  • (W) Adam Louramore, 9.664 at 137.04
  • (L) Trace Meyer, (broke)

Borla Street Renegade

  • (W) Dan Schoneck, 7.775 at 184.52
  • (L) Ronnie Wilson, (red light)

Edelbrock Street Bandit

  • (W) Matt Jones, 8.659 at 156.44
  • (L) Cory Roth, 9.503 at 115.09

Blow-By Racing Street Warrior

  • (W) Jeremy Martorella, 9.470 at 140.56
  • (L) Darrell Peterson, 9.529 at 139.47

SCT Street Stang

  • (W) Darrell Lucas, 12.497 at 107.13
  • (L) Tom Conrad, 12.456 at 103.28

Steeda/Hyland Mod Motor

  • (W) Robert Hindman, 11.411 at 114.45 (11.38 DI)
  • (L) Troy Hardlicka, 14.088 at 93.18 (14.14 DI)

JDM Tough Truck

  • (W) David Gates, 13.075 at 94.40 (12.92 DI)
  • (L) Don Justus, 12.229 at 109.41 (12.23 DI)

JBA Headers Focus Frenzy

  • (W) Mark Adkins, 17.308 at 66.15 (17.07)
  • (L) Owen Spry, 17.402 at 79.35 (17.23 DI)

Ford Racing Open Comp

  • (W) Rodney Ward, 11.796 at 112.01 (11.84 DI)
  • (L) Bryan Parker, 10.633 at 112.44 (10.70 DI)


Fast Ford

  • (W) Alan Palmer, 8.817 at 152.31
  • (L) Larry Huston, (red light)

Quick Ford

  • (W) Doug Baker, 10.356 at 128.27
  • (L) John Gregory, 10.429 at 127.46

Street Ford

  • (W) AJ Buchanan, 17.059 at 75.57
  • (L) Nate Holzhauer, 16.085 at 87.00

Nostalgia Ford

  • (W) Larry Kortkamp, 11.614 at 110.32
  • (L) Paul Jordan, 15.772 at 87.38

Quick 16

  • (W) Ron Barnhill, 8.430 at 159.46
  • (L) Mike Kopko, 7.200 at 186.48

Fast Ford

  • (W) Jerry Spoor, 7.880 at 167.68
  • (L) Alan Palmer, 8.809 at 152.64

Quick Ford

  • (W) Bill Barr, 11.138 at 121.20
  • (L) Nick Hastings, (red light)

Street Ford

  • (W) Jerry Torgler, 15.426 at 87.95
  • (L) Josh Tyree, (red light)

Nostalgia Ford

  • (W) Brian Merrick, 15.426 at 87.95
  • (L) Christine Kent, (red light)

Mmfp_0601_14z Ford_Mustang Parked
There was a thrash in Blow-By Racing Street Warrior champ Darrell Peterson's pits as he lost an engine early on. Fellow Warrior racer (and nearby Norwalk resident) Jeff Chambers lent him an engine that was installed overnight. The heads-up community in the pits wasn't going to let Peterson go down without a fight, so competitors such as Gary Rohe, Chuck Samuel, Demo Koutsis, Robert Hindman, Ronnie Wilson, Adam Louramore, and Brian Tooley all helped him turn wrenches.
Mmfp_0601_15z Ford_Mustang On_The_Strip
Despite Peterson's blitzkrieg effort to get the car up and running, Jeremy Martorella took home the prize money in the normally aspirated Street Warrior class. Peterson was first off the Tree, but Martorella drove past him with a 9.47 to 9.52 win.
Mmfp_0601_16z Ford_Mustang On_The_Strip
In the SCT Street Stang class, points leader Tony Whetstone was first-round meat, while Darrell Lucas (Second) and Tom Conrad (Third) advanced. In the final, it was Lucas and Conrad in a double breakout, with Lucas coming out victorious.
Mmfp_0601_17z Ford_Mustang On_The_Strip
In Ford Racing Open Comp, Muncie, Indiana's Rodney Ward improved his lead with a win.
Mmfp_0601_18z Ford_Mustang On_The_Strip
Dubbed Norwalk-Gate by your author, The JDM Tough Truck class was in a frenzy over David Gates who showed up with a transbrake installed in his truck. Transbrakes are prohibited in the class and disconnection of the device was met by disapproval from some of the competitors as an acceptable way for Gates to be able to compete. The ruling from the Fun Ford staff allowed Gates to run, and run he did until the final where he defeated points leader Don Justus.
Mmfp_0601_19z Ford_Mustang On_The_Strip
Steeda/Hyland Mod Motor maniac Robert Hindman extended his championship points lead over Second-Place Gary Youngblood.