Michael Galimi
January 21, 2006

Drag Radial - Power Adder WinnerBest ET/MPH: 11.01 at 128.82 mph
Car Owner: Power House Automotive LLC
Driver: Mike Bowen

What amazed us about Mike Bowen's '05 Stang was how he kept it mostly stock. His company, Power House Automotive, did add some parts, but nothing out of the ordinary, except for a single turbo kit. Even the OEM clutch remained in place. The reason for the lack of modifications is that the car is being used to prototype the new turbocharger kit from Power House Automotive--and the results are outstanding. The car was on the cusp of the 10-second zone on drag radial tires. The mph indicates that mid 10s are possible with the right amount of hook.

The turbocharger checks in at 60 mm, and it generates 11.5-psi of boost inside the manifold. Tuning was handled by SCT software and done in-house at Power House. A few weeks after the Shootout, the team ran a scorching 10.69 at 131 mph with the addition of some slicks. That's quite a testament to the durability of the stock engine and drivetrain.

Drag Radial - Power Adder Runner-UpBest ET/MPH: 11.60 at 120.44 MPH
Car Owner: Kelly and Michelle Rebman
Driver: Kelly Rebman

Some longtime readers may remember Kelly Rebman from the early years of the MM&FF Spring Break Shootout. His maroon convertible has been parked for a few years, but he's still having fun in the Mustang world. This white five-speed manual coupe was purchased for his wife, Michelle, but after some ribbing from the guys at Rebman Racing, he broke down and started modifying it. Five days and about $800 later in overnight shipping costs, the '05 was ready for the Shootout.

Rebman entered battle armed with a mostly stock Mustang with the addition of a ProCharger blower and exhaust upgrades. He turned to Johnny Lightning Performance to handle the engine tuning. A Ram 9000 series clutch was added to ensure all the super-charged power made it to the ground. Rebman ran on a set of Nitto 555R drag radials tires and mustered up an 11.60 at 120.44. The blower output was set at 12 psi, and he hopes to turn it up a bit more and make a run for the 10s.