Michael Galimi
January 21, 2006

Stock Tires - Naturally Aspirated Runner-UpBest ET/MPH: 14.51 at 87.20 MPH
Car Owner: John Williams
Driver: John Williams

When most people talk about getting a tuner version of the '05 Mustang, they're usually referring to a Saleen, Steeda, Roush, or Cervini's Mustang. But they aren't the only ones customizing these cars. A little, old dealership called Dale Jarrett Ford (you know, of NASCAR fame) has been modifying the new Mustangs and selling them through the dealership.

Of course, if a car is going to have the great Dale Jarrett's name attached to it, then there has to be something that sets it apart from the rest. The dealer installed a Dale Jarrett Signature body kit along with a set of 18-inch wheels and Goodyear tires. The car has also been lowered. Williams told us he has since added a cold-air induction kit and is having the computer system reflashed for better performance.

Stock Tires - Naturally Aspirated Third PlaceBest ET/MPH: 15.99 at 86.98 MPH
Car Owner: SC Performance
Driver: Cindy Nishwitz

The 300-horse GT was the Mustang to have in 2005, and buyers snapped them up faster than Ford could build them. That left a lot of people either with a long wait for a GT or the option of picking up the much improved V-6 model. But don't let the V-6 engine fool you, because it produces 210 hp at the flywheel from the factory. It sounds wimpy compared to the 300 hp in a GT, but remember that the output is comparable to our beloved 5-liter engines of yesteryear.

Cindy Nishwitz and her husband, Mark, were on the property running their other Mustang in the Street Bracket and decided to throw their automatic-equipped V-6 into our little party. The bone-stock V-6 managed to run in the 15-second zone. We're not sure if there are any plans for the Nishwitz family to upgrade their V-6 model, but the aftermarket is certainly booming right now with V-6 parts if they choose to go that route.