Steve Baur
Former Editor, Modified Mustangs & Fords
September 27, 2005

Jim Vaccaro
8th place

Jim Vaccaro brought the second biggest engine of the group at 324 ci. The stroker motor has taken this full-weight (and heaviest of the group by 100 pounds) street car into the 11s on several occasions when equipped with slicks. The 18-inch wheels that were on the car at our track day were no doubt heavier and didn't quite get the 60-foot time down to where it usually is.Happy with the low 12s that the Mach ran in the heat, Jim is adamant about not allowing this Mustang to become unstreetable, which has happened to some of his previous cars, and opting to run the drag pack wheel setup in a competition is one slippery slope he'd rather avoid. Jim's car was also the only one equipped with an automatic transmission.We feel there were definitely 2-3 more tenths in the Dark Shadow Gray colt with the stickier and lighter wheel/tire combination though, and the trap speed showed it.

Strip Specs
Owner: Jim Vaccaro
Hometown: Howard Beach, New York
Driver: Jim Vaccaro
Year/Model: '04 Mustang Mach I
Weight w/Driver: 3,526 lbs
Engine: 324 ci
Built By: VT Engines
Intake Manifold: Stock, ported
Cylinder Heads: Stock, ported
Compression Ratio: 10.5:1
Camshafts: VT Engines Stage II, 222/222 duration at 0.050, 0.575/0.575 lift
Tuner: Joe Lausardo, Mustang Magic of Deer Park, New York
Exhaust: JBA 15/8-in shorty headers, JBA H-pipe with converters, MAC 2.5-in after-cat
Transmission: Stock
Converter/Clutch: Pro Torque 3,200-stall
Rear Type: Stock with 4.10 gear
Wheels F/R: 18x8.5 and 18x10 BBS
Tires F/R: BFG 265/35/18 front, BFG drag radial 295/35/18 rear
Suspension Front: Tokico struts, Steeda springs
Suspension Rear: Tokico shocks, Steeda springs
Best ET/MPH: 11.90/114.91


Car #


1/4 E.T.

1/4 MPH

1 1.84 12.40 110.48
1 1.80 12.39 110.34
1 1.83 12.44 109.80