Michael Galimi
September 16, 2005
Photos By: Jim Campisano

Pro Street Outlaw was insanity as the record crowd of spectators witnessed both the e.t. and mph records fall on real 10.5-inch tires. We aren't talking about 10.5W tires either--the competitors were forced to run 28x10.5-inch as-measured slicks. Manny Buginga was victorious with his turbocharged Stang and ran a jaw-dropping 7.37 in the finals to beat Dan Millen of Livernois Motorsports. Buginga dominated the class start to finish with 7.40 performances before shocking the crowd in the finals. Millen ran a demented 196 mph on the smallish tires, but his e.t. was not quick enough to beat Buginga in the big-bucks round.

Wild Street became a seven-second show as these street machines were set on kill during eliminations. Most of the competitors backed down their cars to survive the 30-mile cruise and three straight qualifying runs. Mike Keenan dropped his late-model Mustang into the sevens--a first in class history--however the win went to Mike Saponara of Cape Coral, Florida. His single turbocharged machine ran mid eights to win the category.