Steve Baur
Former Editor, Modified Mustangs & Fords
March 1, 2013

Every year, automotive enthusiasts, technicians, builders, journalists, and more drop by Sin City for the annual SEMA Show to see all of the latest parts, broker deals, and check out the cool customized rides that are displayed in various booths to attract attention to a new product or the company in general. This year saw a number of vintage Ford muscle on display from a vehicle standpoint, and as you'll see in this story, there are a number of very cool products coming to market for the classic Mustang and Ford enthusiast.

1. As you may have noticed from the lead photo, Competition Cams new four-pattern camshafts were awarded SEMA's Best Performance-Street product of 2013 award. Here, Comp Performance Group's Chris Douglas explains to us how the Comp's four-pattern camshaft technology stems from years of secret NASCAR technology that has now been made available to street performance enthusiasts. These four-pattern camshafts are designed for single-plane intake manifolds that feature varying runner lengths. The valve timing events are altered to balance the air/fuel ratio per cylinder. Comp claims that this technology can add 1,000 rpm over standard hydraulic roller camshafts, and improve power by 20-50 hp both under the curve and at peak. Currently, the four-pattern camshaft technology is only available for the small-block Ford. We'll be looking to test this technology out in an upcoming issue.

2. McLeod launched its new Direct-Fit Hydraulic Conversion Kit for '64-'68 Mustangs. Designed with the very best components for ease of install and great life, these hydraulic kits provide an easy clutch pedal effort for easy cruising. McLeod also built in a self-adjusting bearing feature, so as the clutch disc wears down throughout its lifecycle, the bearing self adjusts to compensate and continue to offer optimum clutch engagement.

3. It's probably not exactly on the list of restomodders everywhere, but nonetheless cool is the twin-turbo 5.0L powerplant of the '14 Ford Racing Cobra Jet Mustang Concept that was on display. Realizing that the 2.9-liter supercharger employed on the '13 Cobra Jet requires as much as 100 horsepower just to spin it, the Ford Racing looked to Ford's experience in turbocharging with the EcoBoost powerplants for a solution. Ford Racing Performance Parts' twin turbo 5.0L Cobra Jet engine is expected to push its 3,000-pound CJ Mustangs to high 8-second elapsed times in the quarter-mile though the use of twin Borg Warner 71mm EFR turbochargers and dual Spearco air-to-air intercoolers. You can check out a short video of the Twin Turbo CJ in action on FordRacingTV's Youtube channel.

4. And speaking of 5.0L DOHC engines, Edelbrock debuted its new supercharged 5.0L crate engines. Starting with a Ford Racing Performance Parts Aluminator low-compression engine (9.5:1), Edelbrock tops off the potent mill with one of its E-Force Supercharger systems that features the Eaton TVS 2300 blower. Edelbrock says the lower compression ratio is designed for safe operation with 91-octane fuel, and that the blown cammer is rated at 700 hp and 606 lb-ft of torque. The crate engine is available with and without a controls pack, and it’s backed by a two-year/unlimited mileage warranty.

5. Just released is this 390 GT high-performance air cleaner from Scott Drake. The bright piece is a Concours-quality reproduction of the original (C7ZZ-9600-E), and makes for a better breathing option for all '68-'70 390-428 engines.

6. Trick Flow plans to release a new version of its successful Twisted Wedge head for small-block Fords, dubbed the 11R. Trick Flow adjusted the intake and exhaust valve angles, as well as the combustion chamber arrangement, to increase flow and performance.

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7. A company founded on the belief that everything should be customizable, Restomod Air offers distinct air conditioning solutions for you hot rod. The company offers a number of unique styles that can be further customized with a number of different finishes and colors. The base styles change about every six months to keep the number of similar looking systems out there to a minimum. This helps to promote an exclusivity to each owner, so chances are you won't see every car at the local show with the same design in it. Restomod Air systems include everything you need to put the cool breeze between your windows.

8. Distinctive Industries has been around for decades, with the company offering high-quality replacement upholstery for cars from the 1960s through the early 2000s. Vintage Ford owners will be happy to know that Distinctive Industries covers '65-'04 Mustangs, as well as Falcons, Fairlanes, Torinos, Rancheros, Galaxies, and even Broncos, Panteras, and the SVT Ford Lightning trucks. Whether you need seat upholstery, door panels, package trays, convertible top boots, seat heaters, or custom upholstery, Distinctive Industries has you covered.