March 9, 2010

It was a whirlwind of emails, phone calls, and favors, but none the less Factory Five and Modified Mustangs & Fords pulled off a great event for owners and potential owners alike. What started out as a simple forum request for a get together location for Factory Five to have some owners meet and take part in the unveiling of a newly built '33 Hotrod kit by the SPEED TV show Two Guys Garage turned into a full blown event. We're talking the Factory Five semi-trailer, display vehicles, the SPEED TV film crew, the hosts of Two Guys Garage Kevin Byrd and Brian Fuller, Dave Smith and the whole technical crew from Factory Five, and more. The Modified Mustangs & Fords offices, shop, and more were open for self-guided tours of our facilities while Factory Five owners enjoyed seeing other owners' Roadsters, Type 65 Coupes, Spec Racers, and even a GTM supercar.

Once the crowd grew to capacity the SPEED TV crew got underway, filming the crowd, their cars, and of course the unveiling of their own '33 Hotrod kit they built in less than five days. Once unveiled the Two Guys Garage duo along with nearly 50 Factory Five owners, cruised south to Bradenton, Florida to the annual NMRA Spring Break Season Opener where Steve Walcott of the NMRA (a Factory Five Roadster owner himself) welcomed us all with free entry and VIP parking at their car show. More SPEED TV filming commenced on site and all owners we're welcomed to stay as NMRA's guests for the day; enjoying the heads up drag racing, jet dragster exhibitions, parts midway, car show, and more. Look for the three part series of episodes of the Two Guys Garage build and cruise to air April 4th, 11th, and 18th. Check your local cable provider for channel information and additional air dates.

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