Mark Houlahan
Brand Manager, Mustang Monthly
December 1, 2009
Photos By: Paul Rosner

Modified Mustangs & Fords Editor's Choice
Rex Honeycutt's '70 Torino GT
For every car enthusiast you talk to, just about every one will have a story about the one that got away. It's a big factor in why our hobby continues to boom. People want that old car they used to own, or they want to buy a new Mustang because it reminds them of a car they used to have, and so forth.

Many of these stories are about a first car and the loss of it by sale, accident, theft, or whatever. But Rex Honeycutt of Concord, North Carolina, has a happy ending to his first car story-you're looking at it. Yup, Rex bought this '70 Torino GT in 1975 as his first car and he's driven it everywhere since.

Like most things that are used, the Torino saw some wear, and Rex finally decided to give his beloved Torino a new lease on life. That's when Custom Classics in Mt. Pleasant, North Carolina, stepped in and brought the body back to pristine condition, and then laid down a fresh coat of Medium Ivy Green Metallic (a popular color then). The Ram Air 429CJ was freshened and a set of headers added. The Top Loader four-speed got a new McLeod clutch, and the 9-inch rear was stuffed with 4.11 gears. Other than a few driveline tweaks, Rex kept the suspension, brakes, and so on all stock.

Inside, the Torino sports the standard GT buckets and con-sole with a Hurst shifter, but Rex added a shift light to the column for when the urge to hit the strip becomes too much for him.

Besides our Editor's Choice honor being bestowed upon Rex's way-clean Torino GT, he scored a Second Place award for Best Full Size Ford '49-Up and a First Place award for Best Mid Size Ford.