October 7, 2009

Modified Mustangs & Fords Editor's Choice
Andy Braden's '07 Mustang GT Coupe

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When we walked up to Andy Braden's Mustang, the first thing that caught our eyes was the custom upholstery. It's easy to bolt on a cold-air induction kit, or a brake package and a set of 20-inch wheels, but we get a little disappointed when the interior remains untouched (we feel the car should be modified as a whole, not just power, or just handling, and so on). Even back in the Fox Mustang days we'd see all sorts of power under the hood, suspension mods of all manners, yet the stock gray Fox interior. So we were already excited to see the nice upholstery work and other interior bits when we started talking to Andy, only to find out that as a person of young age, he's paying for the GT and all of the mods himself.

Sure, pop had to co-sign the loan, but Andy is responsible for the monthly payments, maintenance, insurance, and so forth, and he finds a few extra dollars in his paycheck from time to time to modify his baby to his liking. Speak- ing of mods, Andy's pretty much worked his GT from fascia to fascia with body upgrades (such as head-light splitters, wing, chin spoiler, hoodscoop, stripes, and more), suspension enhancements, and a set of Enkei LS-5 wheels that set the car off just right too. There's even more under the hood where you'll find custom airbrush work, a cold-air kit, Midwest Composites strut covers, a body color intake cover, and other subtle mods. But don't take it from us. Besides our Editor's Choice award Andy walked away with the show's Best Interior trophy. See, we weren't the only ones who noticed Andy's interior!