Huw Evans
February 1, 2009
Photos By: Keith Keplinger

With Norwalk wrapped, the FFW series heads for Bristol, Tennessee, where just about anything can happen.

Fun {{{Ford}}} Weekend 18th Annual Buckeye State Nationals
Official Results
{{{Probe}}} Industries Pro 5.0
Winner: Dale Brinsfield6.40 @ 222.11 mph
Runner up: David Schorr6.52 @ 216.17 mph
Performance 2way Street Outlaw
Winner: Conrad Scarry7.08 @ 193.32 mph
Runner up: Zack Posey7.40 @ 199.46 mph
Procharger Street Renegade
Winner: Mike Modeste7.79 @ 186.59 mph
Runner up: Angel Padilla Broke 
Borla Street Bandit
Winner: Mac Sibley10.60 @ 118.59 mph
Runner up: Bob Cottone10.70 @ 124.14 mph
Harland Sharp Mod Comp
Winner: Shane Williams12.31 @ 107.{{{80}}} mph
Runner up: Geb Pizzo10.35 @ 131.95 mph
RPM Outlet Ultra Stang
Winner: S.D. Wheeler11.38 @ 123.19 mph
Runner up: Pete Espeut11.60 @ 104.31 mph
Saleen Speedlab Street Stang
Winner: Larry Massiola11.{{{90}}} @ 117.09 mph
Runner up: Tom Conrad Jr.11.86 @ 110.37 mph
JDM Tough {{{Truck}}}
Winner: Paul Gamino13.68 @ {{{100}}}.67 mph
Runner up: Bob Dill10.96 @ 125.65 mph
True Street
Winner: Marty Merillat8.70 avg.
Runner up: Tim Casto9.36 avg.