Huw Evans
February 1, 2009
Photos By: Keith Keplinger
18th Annual Buckeye State Fun Ford NationalsDavid Schorr, FFW's '08 Pro Class champ, was looking to solidify his position at Norwalk, but a hard-charging Dale Brinsfield got in the way this time.

By reading this article you're witnessing a part of history. No, Summit Motorsports Park isn't going away, and neither is American Autosports Productions, but this is the last time you'll see an all-Ford contingent racing under the FFW banner. In 2009 the series is expanding to include GM, Chrysler, and AMC vehicles. At a facility that's recognized as one of the best prepped on the circuit, it would be fair to say the last running of the Fun Ford Weekend Buckeye State Nationals went out with a bang.

As always, the heavy hitters drew a lot of attention. Considering we were well on our way through the season, every point would count toward the championship. The Pro boys were out and ready to play, with Dale Brinsfield grabbing the top spot in qualifying, ahead of Chuck DeMory. Incumbent class champion David Schorr would start off in Third.

It's wheels-up for this '64 Galaxie, as the weight transfers rearward and the beefy slicks grab as much traction as they can. Even with a lightened front bumper and teardrop hood, these cars are no bantams. This gives you some idea of the power in that engine bay.

On race day, Brinsfield got a bye in the opening round, as did Second-Place qualifier DeMory when rival Tony Desiderato couldn't get his car to the starting line. Other drivers who advanced to the second round of eliminations included Fifth-Place qualifier Steve Brinegar, who was through when rival Jimmy Keen fouled at the tree. The same also happened with Cale Aronson, who was running against David Schorr. This was a shame as Aronson's run was one of the best in recent memory.

The next round saw an interesting turn when DeMory and Schorr both popped the red light at the start of their race. In the end, one driver had to go through, and due to his smaller foul margin, it was David who made it.

In the other semi-round match-up, Brinsfield and Brinegar were pitted against each other. Steve's somewhat sluggish launch would ultimately prove his undoing, though he did the best he could to catch Brinsfield.

With one more round left, it was the return of the incumbent champ against the hot contender. It proved a close race, but Dale had the edge in speed, blasting through the traps in 6.40 seconds versus 6.52 for Schorr and advancing his chances of a shot at the big prize by the end of the season.

On Saturday afternoon, Neal Alder launches his Fox GT on the way to finishing 10th overall in True Street. Neal's car is not only immaculately turned out, but also a reliable, solid 10-second street driver.

In the Street Outlaw ranks, there was plenty of action, too. All eyes were on '06 class champion Conrad Scarry as he rolled the blue beast off the trailer and burned rubber down the track. He was the fastest in qualifying and proved a force to be reckoned with as eliminations got under way. Like Brinsfield in Pro, Scarry lucked out, getting a bye in the first round while his would-be challenger Zack Posey dispatched Ray Orbas. The other driver to make it through Round 1, Brian Keller, then paired up against Scarry for the semifinals while Posey went solo. In the former heat, it was Scarry all the way as he pushed the pedal to deliver a storming 7.12 against Keller's mid-8-second pass. That left Posey and Scarry paired up for the final. It was a very close run, but Scarry had the edge on traction. Despite a slower trap speed, he bagged a lower e.t. (7.08 versus 7.40) and his second class win of the year.

Wide open
The ProCharger Street Renegade has witnessed a kind of musical chair scenario, with a different victor in each of the first five races of the year. We've seen Travis Franklin, Don Burton, and Ronnie Wilson win, along with Angel Padilla and Joe Morgan taking final-round victories.