Wes Duenkel
December 1, 2008

By this time, Hugh Plumb in the Rehagen No. 60 was running Second behind Billy Johnson in a BMW Z4 Coupe. However, over the next few laps Johnson was passed by Plumb and Maxwell. Martin worked up to Fourth, so it was Mustang, Mustang, BMW, and Mustang.

On Lap 66, Scott Maxwell's FR500C out-braked Plumb in the No. 60 Mustang to snatch the lead after Turn 1. Martin in the No. 59 Mustang pressured Johnson in his BMW, trying to force an error. Four laps from the end, Martin seized an opportunity in the "esses" and slipped beside Johnson. They unfortunately made contact in Turn 10, sending Martin into a tire-smoking slide. Martin rejoined in 17th position but had to pit on the next lap for a fresh rear wheel and tire.Maxwell went on to win in his No. 55 Hypersport Mustang, with Hugh Plumb closely behind in the No. 60 Sunset Hills Vineyard-sponsored Rehagen Racing Mustang. Billy Johnson finished Third in the No. 18 Motorsport Technology Group BMW Z4 Coupe.

Martin commented to John Clark on the incident that could've resulted in a Mustang 1-2-3 at Mosport: "I got behind the No. 18 BMW and found it very difficult to pass because that car is very fast and he is a talented driver. I worked him hard for eight or ten laps and finally pressured him into making a mistake. We were going through Turn 10 when I got hit hard enough to bend the right-rear wheel and axle. The impact spun me around in a 360 but I was able to recover enough to limp back to the pits and get two tires changed and finish the race, but by then we were well off the pace."

So Martin's prediction of a Mustang winning at Mosport was spot-on. However, he didn't join Joe Foster, Scott Maxwell, Mike Canney, and Hugh Plumb, on the podium. It was a great weekend for the Mustang drivers as they looked forward to a couple of weeks off before the fourth round of the KONI Challenge at Watkins Glen.